Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Chatting Over Tea

January is National Hot Tea Month. I don't know who comes up with all these focused months/days/weeks. Likely the marketing folks. Hot tea is consumed year round here, but in winter I drink gallons quarts of it. Earl Grey, Tetley Orange Pekoe, dried Peppermint and Lemon Verbena from my garden. A friend from the USA gave me some Good Earth Citrus Kiss which I'm enjoying today. 

If we were sitting across the table from each other, you might ask about the teapot. It was a wedding gift from friends of my parents and has traveled far away and back again. I have to smile when I see my Pyrex mixing bowls and other things listed as "vintage collectables." I guess that means I'm vintage, too.

In December, while Christmas shopping with Tim, we stopped to watch a young man at one of those pop-up kiosks demonstrate flying a remote control helicopter. Tim was more interested than I was - he got his private pilot's license in high school, and also built and played with operated model airplanes (much larger than this one) while we lived in Ecuador. It was a good hobby for him.

I returned to the mall on my own one day and purchased the helicopter as a sort of fun extra for Christmas. It's proved very entertaining. All the menfolk had their turn and Ashley, too, with varying degrees of success. It's a sturdy little thing and survives crashes into plants, furniture, the ceiling and the floor. The little girls are enthralled with it, still. This frivolous purchase has been quite worthwhile. 

I wandered through my garden a couple of days ago when the sun shone. The garlic is up, long skinny shoots of pale green, and the broccoli is growing slowly and will be ready to harvest in March. Kale has survived the frosts and there's lots to pick. For all you folks who are enduring such severe winter weather, I hope this encourages you - spring will come.

My cup of tea is empty so I'll move on and get going with my day. I have some errands to run, a load of laundry to wash, some sewing, and more such puttering. Nothing dramatic or exciting, but the days fill up nicely. Yours, too?


  1. I love the gentle hum of home life and domesticity...and tea is always a big part of my daily round.
    I will be emailing soon to arrange a tea date!

  2. Hi Lorrie,

    I like your cross-stitched tray topper! Your teapot reminds me of the salt-glazed pottery that we see a lot around here. I love the look of it. We have those guys selling helicopters in our local mall too; I didn't realize they were in so many places. :)

    It's definitely cold here today in N.C. It was six degrees first thing this morning; I think it's about 16 degrees now. I hope you stay warm and cozy!


    Denise at Forest Manor

  3. Yes, the days fill. I am taking a break again, but must do up dishes and then there's all of Christmas upstairs and, worse, on my bed.

    What a sweet thing to gift your husband with a fun toy that everyone is enjoying. I should watch John more carefully when we're out. He's more likely to be interested in a new book.

  4. I am taking a tea break too (Lady Gray) while my student finishes reading a chapter in her book. I love how the days fill up with lovely things...a puttering sort of day is satisfying. A pot of vegetable beef soup is simmering on the stove, the dough for pretzel rolls (made by my daughter) is rising, and a load of freshly washed laundry is tumbling in the drier. The air is bitter here today, but I have no plans to go out.

    Enjoy the rest of your day! Thanks for the chat over tea!

  5. Always nice to catch up over tea. Unfortunately we'll be looking at a lot of snow until the end of March, likely longer when I will for sure be ready for spring.
    The helicopter was a good idea to purchase, any man (most women too) would enjoy playing with something like that.
    I've just put the kettle on for my afternoon tea, much needed warmth as the house always gets cooler in the afternoon. At least I see sun sunshine today!

  6. My favourite tea is Lapsang Souchong, lovely pale smoky tea. I wonder if you have tried it? I have to send packs to my daughter regularly!

  7. Yes...the days have a way of filling in nicely. Today is grey, wet, and cold. A perfect day for a cup of tea....

  8. Yes, I guess we are vintage now. Kind of scary isn't it? Your tea tray looks lovely. I guess I can celebrate tea month too, as I drink about 3 or 4 cups a day most days. Just to keep warm. :) It's wonderful to see some green in your garden! Wow. I did notice that the setting sun has moved some in the past month and it's not as dark at 5:00 as it was. A good sign indeed.

  9. Today is a puttering day for me - a little of this - a little tea - a little of that - maybe some crafting to try out something new - just a good cozy winter day. Rains are monsoon-ish here - how about there?

  10. I could use a cup of tea right now. Nothing like it on cold rainy days...

  11. I wonder if we could make a cup of tea together a reality in January? It would be a lovely treat.
    I laughed at your helicopter - we have a helicopter in the family room, but it is made from Lego. My country-style family room is rapidly being taken over by Lego Tekniks structures - not a look I was aiming for!

  12. I do love a good cuppa and would have a hard time getting through the day without. . .

  13. Love that old teapot. It is something how a day can fill up, isn't it?

  14. We drink gallons of tea here too, year round. Some times it's iced.

    My youngest son got a helicopter like that last Christmas. It is fun.

    My days are always full, and that is satisfying to me. School work, dishes, laundry, reading, computer time, knitting, wedding plans, mostly though enjoying my days with my children, who are not so little any more!

    Thanks for the reminder of Spring! Our weather has been so cold, but will be in the 50's on the weekend! What a crazy winter we are having!

    Enjoy your day!

  15. Oh, boys, and their toys....love it.

    Our neighbour on the coast paid a lot of money for one of those, first flight windy day, lost it in the park. We all went back for ages and couldn't find it anywhere.


  16. Anonymous10:27 AM

    Pretty saucer...are those blackberries? That's interesting about the tea pot.
    The helicopter sounds like great fun for everyone!

  17. I think I'll go put the kettle on now for a cup of tea. Your stitching (I assume it's yours) is beautiful, both the on the tea tray and in your header, Lorrie. The days do fill up nicely.


  18. OH....signs of spring in winter:)

  19. We have had a couple of those little helicopters (or hopter-copters as my son used to call them) in years past. Many hours of entertainment and laughter were had thanks to them.

  20. I have been making a habit of drinking more hot tea this winter. It's been delicious! I have about a dozen different varieties, but I think the peppermint is my favorite. And the little remote control helicopter looks like great fun. Yes, it should be a busy day. I am in a constant state of "catch up" these days.

  21. I have been making a habit of drinking more hot tea this winter. It's been delicious! I have about a dozen different varieties, but I think the peppermint is my favorite. And the little remote control helicopter looks like great fun. Yes, it should be a busy day. I am in a constant state of "catch up" these days.

  22. One feels old when realising that everyday items from early marriage are now seen as vintage!

  23. That tea tray is so inviting. I received several new kinds of tea for Christmas and as hostess gifts last week, so I'm enjoying many cups myself on these chilly days. I think I'll make another before bedtime.


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