Thursday, January 02, 2014

Clean and Bright

While thinking of a title for this post, the words from the song Edelweiss from The Sound of Music came to mind. The flowers above are hyacinths, not edelweiss, but you get my drift. Yesterday was taking down, today was putting back together. 

No sun shone today. The sky dripped grey off and on. Dismal. These photos were taken at 2:00 pm, when one would assume the light is as bright as it's going to get. I turned on the lights and lit the candles, yet still the shadows lurk and photos are grainy. We must make our own light at this time of year. I spent a happy couple of hours tidying up, puttering, and pulling together things from various parts of the house to complete this mantel. The clippings of rosemary and sage are from a quick foray into the garden in between raindrops. 

Have you been puttering lately, or are you into full-speed ahead mode? 


  1. No, not in full speed ahead mode at all. Not puttering too much either. Trying to catch up in rest a bit before taking off for another family visit tomorrow. It looks like your Christmas and New Years celebrations were wonderful! Congratulations on the new little one expected soon!

  2. I took the tree down in the afternoon. While I was at it the snow began. It is still snowing nearly 6 hours later. We have about 6-8 inches! Amazing.

    We do have to make our own light at this time of year so we are keeping the garlands up a bit longer.

    I love your mantel. It's lovely.


  3. I'd like to be puttering, but I just don't have the energy. We're still in recovery mode over here.

  4. I was full speed ahead today - had company and had my middle grandson for most of the day while his parents worked - but tomorrow - putter putter putter - putt putt - I'm a little boat - chugging along - slow and leisurely. Your mantel is wonderful.

  5. We're still in full speed here, with our 3rd Christmas celebration to happen, we hope, weather permitting, this weekend. And no, we're not Ukranian, just couldn't get everyone together all at once! Jealous, so jealous you already have Hyacinths blooming. My favorite, next to lavender!!

  6. I began my Christmas decoration put away today and will probably continue through to the weekend as I get too easily distracted. Today, I saw four large bucks in front of my house eating a juniper shrub. They were so close I could touch them if I wanted to. One had it's antlers broken and it had a lame leg--obviously it was hurt by a predator, the poor thing. I felt so bad for it, but I know that is the way nature works -- the strongest survive. It was a reminder to me to make myself strong this year--maybe a good theme for my next blog post? ;)

    Have a very happy and healthy 2014, Lorrie!

  7. It's been a strange quiet puttering sort of week between the two holidays and I think I have had enough of it all now and am ready to steam ahead again soon! Your mantlepeiece looks lovely I can almost smell the hyacinth.

  8. Definitely putting all away today. Leaves are dropping, and I want clean and bright around me again!

  9. I'm afraid to say that puttering is my main mode. Very rarely am I "full speed ahead"! (Unless you count that my speed IS slow...and then I suppose I am full speed.)

    There is something refreshing about the taking down and putting back. Your winter mantel is lovely!

  10. I love the fragrance of hyacinth - if I sniff hard I think I can just smell your pretty one just opening!
    The winter light is low and the shadows bring a different perspective to our rooms.......making a good book, a hot cup of something, and a comfy chair a place to sit in the last hours of the day.

    Yesterday I took down wreaths and lights outside, also the real tree - it has just been picked up at the curb. While in the potting shed I noticed ivy had started creeping in through the vent near the ceiling, yikes! Knowing how that climber moves fast, we had to spend time pulling/cutting off lots of it on the back wall of the shed, so that caused a bit of a lull in removing Christmas decor as planned! The very heavy, cold rain started. Didn't get to the faux tree in the gazebo yet, must admit with the low light it does brighten up the early chilly mornings when illuminated, but will take it down this weekend. Have all the green boxes lined up ready for the decorations to be packed away - definitely puttering around here despite promises made to self regarding full steam ahead! But nothing else planned requiring travel or major upheaval, so putter is my word for the next week or so!!!

    Hugs, Mary

  11. LOL, embrace the shadows! They help to provide contrast. Your mantel looks lovely and it is a great start for the new year.

  12. The mantle is always a fun challenge, isn't it? Yours reminds me a bit of how I've arranged mine this January. It's therapeutic isn't it to putter around the house making small changes?

  13. I am anticipating the fragrance from the three hyacinths on your mantle - they'll be wonderful when all in bloom.
    I'm slowly putting things back and moving some around, home puttering is therapeutic.

  14. I'm definitely puttering! I do love hyacinths..... putting on my list to pick up some..... Putting the last of Christmas away today. I usually like the sparseness of the house after the decorations are removed..... but not feeling it today!

  15. I really love the new fresh look on your mantel, Lorrie. It's so pretty. It's difficult to get good light these days but I do find that having snow on the ground reflects some of the light into the windows here. I've been puttering and putting away too, but I am enjoying the tree lights on all day today. It helps chase away the gloomy clouds and light snowfall.

  16. You mantle just looks for fresh and beautiful.
    I can almost think I am smelling the flowers
    beginning to come from the bulbs. It does
    feel good. The sun shone early this morning,
    but now the skies are grey. Candle light will
    so be burning. Thanks!

  17. Well this kind of puttering must wait. I'm fine with that and will get excited about doing it after a while. My putterings have been spent with the boys...playing board games until we're bored, reading stories, watching movies, doing plays, hanging out at Chudleigh Manor, you know the drill. Because they were ill much of the time and because the temps are so frigid, we didn't even get outside, which I had hoped to do.

  18. And then today the sun did shine. I so appreciated it today.

  19. Enjoyed your beautiful posting... and the clean and bright theme. The hyacinth must smell lovely!

  20. What a perfect transition from Christmas to winter-will-turn-to-spring!

  21. The mantel is lovely with the fragrant white hyacinths and bits of green from your garden. I've been puttering more than speeding; it seems the thing to do in January.


  22. I"m hoping that by today you have some of the lovely sun that we have up here...don't mind sharing at all.


  23. Happy New Year Lorrie!
    I am catching up with you after not having much use of our computer for the last two weeks. SO much to see and love on your blog! Your Christmas d├ęcor--love the simplicity! The quote from Anne--LOVE (and had not read this one before. Very meaningful for me right now). The flowers, the sea, your family--always beautiful!
    May God richly bless you this year and thank you for sharing your world with all of us.

  24. O no, puttering is very much the order of the day and that will remain so while there is nothing but rain and wind and darkness outside.

    I like your mantelpiece, shall have to look around for similar adornment for mine.

  25. Hyacinths are wonderful flowers, don't you think? I love their waxy blossoms and their heavenly scent. I think those are a great way to start off a new year. I need to get some pretty blooms for our house. :)

    I'm still puttering, unfortunately. I really dread the taking down and packing away part of the Christmas season. But I do enjoy looking forward to a fresh new year ahead.


    Denise at Forest Manor


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