Monday, January 27, 2014

"Fog. Go. Away." she says

Oblivious. That describes me often sometimes. I've been so pleased with the fog these past few days, admiring the mist as it creeps across the landscape. 

However, we were supposed to be on a flight early this morning. In a conversation about cancelled flights with friends yesterday, it finally dawned on us that our flight might not leave as scheduled. 

Frantic  Determined re-booking calls.
We packed. We took a taxi to the airport. We waited. 
Late Evening flight also cancelled. Lineups and phone calls to re-book. Hundreds of people want off this Island.
Taxi return to home. A fine sleep.
Early morning flights cancelled today, too, but we're on the 6 pm this evening. Will we make it? I'll let you know.

*the airlines generously gave us taxi vouchers for our trip home and back out to the airport. Kudos to WestJet. 

Meanwhile, I have an unexpected day at home. I cleaned the bathrooms - something I didn't get around to when we left yesterday. My mind is in a bit of a dither and I can't concentrate on very much. Perhaps it's time to tackle the kitchen cupboards. 

The downside of fog. But still the robin sings. 


  1. It's the not knowing that's so difficult to deal with isn't it? Do hope you get to where you want to go.

  2. Oh, that's too bad Lorrie and I hope you got off the ground after all that. The weather can cause so many delays in flying, even foggy weather.

  3. I hope you get your flight tonight. This time of year it's so hard to plan travel. The weather has been crazy this year.


  4. Oh how frustrating! Hope it won't be long until you're up, up and away. Just think you'll be returning to a nice clean house :).

  5. The un-pretty side of fog! Hope you make it on your flight tonight.

  6. Ah flexibility! I hope you get on your flight tonight. I know just what you mean about feeling restless and not able to focus with this sudden upset of plans . . .

  7. My mind would be in a dither, also. I do hope you make that flight. I was a little dismayed to see the fog return this morning...

  8. You have an unexpected free day and you spend it cleaning bathrooms?
    Cleaning bathrooms?

    I am absolutely dumbstruck, that’s me.

  9. I perfectly understand cleaning the bathrooms. When the mind is busy, it is too challenging to attempt something that requires a lot of thought. I hope that you make it off the island just as soon as it is safe to do so. I'll be eager to know.

  10. Hope you got off this evening. Happy travels.
    And enjoy the robins song wherever you go.

  11. Praying for safe and happy (fog-free) travels! (And you will have spotlessly clean bathrooms when you return!)

  12. All things happen for a reason, and I pray that you will be on your way very soon. Take care and safe travels when you do get in the air!

  13. Wondering if you got off the island.....
    Last week friends left for Kelowna at 0830........via Vancouver.............back to Victoria..........then via Calgary.......and finally at 8 pm back to Victoria without seeing Kelowna. I can think of better ways to spend a day!

  14. I hope you made it to your destination, Lorrie, without taking a circuitous route similar to the one mentioned by Pondside!


  15. My H was sitting for a few hours at the airport due to fog that "had been" the night before - delaying flights. That is one thing man is not in charge of - the weather. A good reminder of Who is . . . and that helps.

  16. That was such crazy fog! We had a bunch of people stuck in Vancouver at work.


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