Resolutions. It's that time of year. Not here. If something needs changing in my life, I like to take steps as soon as I can, rather than wait. However, I have decided that this is my year to Stretch. Life itself will likely stretch me in ways I don't anticipate or even want. But in addition, I'd like to stretch myself intentionally. To try new things and to improve in others. To read. To grow. 

I'd like to stretch my creativity. I'm practicing writing patterns and instructions of some of the projects I've created and I hope to do more. It's fun, it's challenging, and I like to see others using my tutorials and patterns to create things for themselves. I've put the pattern for the Faux Fur Cowl Scarf - my first pattern - up on Craftsy. The link is in my sidebar. It's free, and it's an easy project. Seriously easy. I first wore the scarf in the snow on the mainland just before Christmas. It's cozy and there's plenty of winter left for enjoying it.

Moving on to Valentine's Day. (I'm jumping from not making New Year's resolutions to mid-February here.) It's low key, doesn't have to be all about romance, although that's fun, too. But love means so many things - love between friends, of parents and children (and grandchildren) - and I think it's a fun day to celebrate. 

Adding a touch of Valentine's Day to the decor doesn't take much. I have a couple of tutorials that are apt for this day - the Love Bird Mobile and the Je t'aime Pillow. I've also added a few garlands similar to the one above in my Etsy shop.

So there you have it. My non-resolution for 2014. Stretch. It feels good. Any non-resolutions in your corner? 


  1. Anonymous9:44 PM

    You are so talented. I adore the Valentine banner and had fun viewing the 2 links you provided. Wishing you a lovely weekend.

  2. You plan to stretch and I plan to step back and do a little self care. Perhaps the two ambitions are not so far apart.

  3. Love the stretched shadow pic - just right for this post! Your fur cowl looks great as do the little heard cards on the bunting.

  4. You are so clever with your photography, Lorrie.
    Non resolutions sound fine to me!

  5. I echo marigold jam ^^ the shadow pic is perfect. Thanks for the links.

  6. I love that shot at the beginning! It's funny because I was about to write about "stretching" in my post for tomorrow, but I got so longwinded that it looks like that's going to have to be a post for another day.

    I love your word for the year. Last year, my theme was "stepping out". It's kind of similar.

    I agree, btw, that Valentines doesn't have to just be about romance.

  7. That sounds like a good resolution/word for 2014, Lorrie. Your scarf looks so soft and cozy and I love your Valentine banner. I'm going to do one today too, even though we'll be away for the day itself. I'll enjoy it until then.

  8. Stretch, that is a good goal. I would say that would be my word this year too, although it is not necessarily thing I am choosing but more life just stretching me. It is good a thing. Thank you for the craft pattern, just downloaded it!! Clarice

  9. Haha, I love that shadow photo! Stretching is always a good thing and establishing new goals. It keeps life interesting, and it helps to expand our creativity! Both projects look terrific. You GO, girl!

  10. No resies for this girl...and reading the comment above I just now duh get the photo...very clever.

    Love your banner.


  11. Congratulations to you on the patterns - I appreciate someone who is diligent and careful with their pattern making. I BOUGHT two patterns this past week and both were so full of mistakes (and I'm a very experienced crocheter so it wasn't because I couldn't understand the patterns) that I insisted on my money back for one. She said I was the first to complain about the pattern, but when I asked her how many she had sold she had to admit, only two - well perhaps the first person hadn't tried the pattern yet. I suggested to her to have someone try her pattern first - perhaps two or three - just to make sure that what she understands is understood by others. I found four major mistakes and three typos - that is inexcusable.

    I love the pattern for the cowl scarf - perfect for our chilly days.

    My non-resolution for this year is less procrastination. They say that those who procrastinate love the challenge of that last minute rush of success when they do actually accomplish something on schedule - but I'd like to do with less of the rush and more consistent slogging along at it every day if needed. LOL

  12. Oooh, I love that Valentine's Day garland! Classy and sweet at the same time.

  13. Very nice faux fur cowl...that must feel cozy and warm. I like the bunting, too. Looks elegant and understated. And I had just decided that Valentine's Day needed no celebration this year...may have to rethink that.

  14. I love the stylish bunting, and your faux fur collar too! Wishing you a happy and fulfilling year ahead.
    Helen xx

  15. I love your little heart banner...and no, I don't think I will make any resolutions,,,then I am not upset with myself if I don't reach them! Enjoy the day and keep on stretchin!

  16. I found myself thinking of different words after reading this post earlier. I can`t say that I`ve landed on one particular non-resolution, but thinking about it is certainly worthwhile. Your garland is lovely, Lorrie, as is the cowl.


  17. Love Stretch, a wonderful word.
    I was a professional patternmaker for 25 years and wrote out instructions for factories
    to make the garments. When I started selling sewing patterns online I had to rethink
    how I wrote everything for the general sewing public. What a challenge! Your furry cowl
    is very pretty. Love you Valentine's decoration too.

  18. What a wonderful word for 2014! It's full of promise and I am excited to see you venture into pattern writing, Lorrie. Your first is a beauty. I'm going to have to take an inventory on my fake furs and see if I have something to use to make one.

    My word for the year is Possibilities (hopeful non action words are acceptable? ;o). I want to push myself to see the possibilities all around me and embrace the moments that make up my life.

  19. This works for me!! :) I do not have a word for the year but blessings in regards to yours :)

  20. That's a good one for all of us. If we aren't stretching or growing, there is stagnation! And I suppose it's really good for us to stretch our bodies every morning if now throughout the day, gets the blood circulating!

  21. You have such great ideas and you do them so beautifully! I also like the sidebar links to more ideas. Thank you for sharing so freely.


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