Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Chewing and Thinking

My current breakfast fixation - one apple, sliced, topped with plain full fat yogurt and a small handful of mixed nuts, chopped. I think I've had this every day for the past month. It keeps me going strong until lunchtime. 

It also takes awhile to chew. This morning, while chewing, I got to thinking. And after I finished chewing....

I took my big cup/mug of tea and sat down on the floor in front of the fire. Such a cozy place. First I toast my back, then my front. Just lovely.

Then I open my journal and begin making lists. It's the season! Lists of things to do, goodies to bake, menus to plan. Lists of shopping and decorating. Lists of giving. Lists to remind me to take the moments as they come. To enjoy. To simply be. What gets done, gets done. The rest doesn't matter.

I've always resisted purchasing Christmas dishes. Storage is an issue, for one thing. For another, we really do have plenty of plates. But these red and creamy white ones called out to me. "For Christmas breakfast," I thought. 

And more. I used them for a recent breakfast eaten in front of the fire as the sun streamed in. 

I don't have a lot of red, but I'm gathering my bits and pieces together to display in the grey china hutch. I think it's a good beginning. 

Advent begins this Sunday, so next on the list is getting the candles and Nativity set organized. Then, a wreath on the door. I'm looking forward to singing carols in church, to family gatherings, to walks under the stars (I'm wishing for snow, but that's unlikely). I'm not giddy with excitement as I used to be during this season, but I am filled with a quiet anticipation of this celebration of Christ's birth that makes me smile. 

Now, back to those lists and some more thinking. Tell me, do you function best with or without lists? 

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  1. I am the queen of list makers!
    Simply put they help me everyday and more so when the festive season is on the horizon.
    Your new red china is really cheery and pretty, I can see why you fell for it!

    Your breakfast looks delicious and chewing is very important...it signals to the brain that you have eaten and that helps keep hunger pangs at bay.

  2. These days I can't live without lists. That apple & nut breakfast sounds good.

  3. Lists are an essential for me. I function best with one in my hand when shopping.
    Your hutch looks so pretty and festive.

  4. So pretty...your red and white china in the grey hutch! It all looks festive and cozy in your corner...a great place to chew and think!

  5. What a beautiful and cosy post! Your new red and creamy white dishes look lovely.
    I can relate so well to what you wrote about the forthcoming festive season. Perhaps deep inside I'm waiting for it with the same excitement as ever, but "a quiet anticipation" describes well the feeling in these troubled times.
    If I want to remember something, I must write it down. :)

  6. I love your new dishes! They look great displayed with the white items in the hutch as well. I purchased 4 new mugs for the coffee station and they are very similar to yours ( Winners) I will be sure to include the coffee station in my Christmas decorating post. Snowy day here today....looks like winter may be here!

  7. Love those dishes! I function a lot better using lists. I need to start making my list for our Thanksgiving meal on Sunday. Love your cozy little spot to make your lists and journal.

  8. I was never a big fan of red but have brought some in for the season as well and I do like the new dishes you bought. Making lists has been part of my life forever and I find them more important as the years march on. There's also the great satisfaction of crossing off things which gives one a good sense of accomplishment.

  9. Lists are a must for me these days, I never used to make them but now if I don't write it down it is gone with the wind! Like Judith, I also get great satisfaction from crossing things off. Love your new dishes Lorrie, beautiful in your grey hutch and perfect for the season. We just got 6 inches of snow here so it is looking very wintery, still haven't found my Christmas spirit but hopefully gazing outside my window will help. Happy list making! Deb xo

  10. Lists rule my life! I have been known to have a list that lists all my other lists for a really big project...sort of a table of contents! Once a puppy chewed up my stack of lists right before an overseas trip...did not bode well for the trip or the pup!

    Red anything is so very cheering and goes well with just about everything!

  11. Definitely a list - or two - or three. Besides helping me to keep to the list - it makes me feel good about ticking items and chores off the list. Sometimes I've been know to add something to the list that I have completed that wasn't originally on the list. I have my list of foods and days to prep them for Thanksgiving - the christmas lists will come later - probably I'll do them on Thanksgiving night after the house is empty and the sweet memories linger.

  12. I have to make lists and do all year long! The new red dishes are beautiful and look so good against white dishes and on your grey hutch. Okay, thanks for enabling me, lol. I now want those red dishes!


  13. Your red and white dishes are beautiful and perfect for different holidays: Christmas, Valentine's Day and Canada Day. Count me in as a fellow list-maker!

  14. Your breakfast looks and sounds delicious, Lorrie. This year, the holidays are a bit different for our family. This will be the first Thanksgiving in forever that I won't be cooking and we are going to meet our other son and his family in Pigeon Forge, TN at the Wilderness Lodge with all the grand kids! I am loving those red and cream dishes...the way you are displaying them is so beautiful!

  15. Your breakfast sounds wonderful! Oh, I am definitely a list maker but I don't have a fireplace to do it in front of! I make lists for all the things you said and I just love crossing them off when they are accomplished. I love what you said about not being really giddy about Christmas but have the anticipation for the celebrating Christ's birth. So lovely. I think that is where I'm at too.

  16. Anonymous6:23 PM

    I am definitely a list maker. Unfortunately I sometimes forget where I put them. I need to make a to-do journal and keep everything in one place. I love your red Christmas dishes. So pretty!

  17. Lists. Lots and lots of lists. This makes me a little nervous as I never needed lists before. Love your red and cream dishes! This seems like a bold move for you. They sure look lovely and at home in your grey hutch.

  18. Your breakfast sounds filling and healthy...I will try it. Since i've ben making my own granola we have been adding it to oatmeal, smashed banana and yogurt. I love that it is freshly made and no preservatives.

    I sincerely need lists, especially for Christmas. I need to keep track of the gifts I buy as they get lost in the bags!!! lol!

    Jane x

  19. What a lovely cosy post. Delicious choice of breakfast, will definately make it soon. Toasting yourself by the fireplace sounds so inviting. Definately, a list girl here, must look for small notepad too! Absolutely love the new red plates,your table looks so inviting.

  20. You create such a warm & welcoming feeling with your words & beautiful photos, Lorrie.
    I used to chop up an apple into my bowl of oatmeal BEFORE I microwaved it. If you add some apple pie spice, it really makes a nice, hot start to a winter morning.

    Would you mind sharing the name of your pretty new red & cream plates? I do ♥♥♥ RED!!!

  21. This is a wonderful way to start the day. Your breakfast sounds yummy and healthy. Must remember to try that. Perhaps I should add it to the list as I am one of those list makers. Things seem to run much more smoothly here if I can consult the list from time to time.
    I'm so glad you decided to purchase the red and white dishes. They look so pretty on your table. I predict you will find many occasions to put them to use.
    By the way in answer to your question on my china pattern, it is "Grasmere" by Minton china.


  22. i like that you put your lists right in your journal. They are part of your life, after all. I think you chose some really nice Christmas plates and they look great on your hutch!

  23. As a fan of red, I congratulate you on such a lovely purchase! Your hutch looks wonderful.
    Lists are so helpful!


  24. Beautiful red Christmas dishes,Lorrie, and a cozy fire to sit by to make lists. Your breakfast looks very delicious-- I find that nuts are filling.
    We are expected to get a significant snowfall over Thanksgiving.It will be beautiful but I am hopeful it won't delay us from getting home from where we are vacationing right now.

  25. Lists and more lists. Lists there; lists everywhere. I live to make lists :)
    Your breakfast looks yummy and your fire looks wonderful--especially now that we are getting temps below freezing.
    PS: Red + white will be wonderful for Christmas!

  26. Oh.. that list makes me feel so much better! Without it those thoughts go round and round in my head and just stress me out.
    Love those colors in your hutch!

  27. Lorrie,
    I guess I'm late at telling you how much I love your new dishes. I'm glad they are not for sale anywhere near or I wouldn't be able to resist them either. the plates are pretty but I'm really taken with the cups and saucers.
    About list-I couldn't live without them!

  28. I must have my lists to function for sure. Love, love your red and white theme with the grey hutch. It is beautiful.

  29. Oh yes, I must have a list...or two :) I am so forgetful and if I don't write things down than I'm hopeless :)

    Your photos are so beautiful Lorrie. Thank you so much for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. I hope you're able to join us again tomorrow. Hugs!


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