Saturday, November 28, 2015

Mug Rug Swap

Kim, from Camp and Cottage Living, organized a fun mug rug swap recently. Kim and I were partners and we both received our swap packages in the mail on the same day. Canada Post is consistent going from east to west and west to east!

Isn't that little reindeer the cutest thing? I'll enjoy using the mug rug and thinking of Kim as I drink my cocoa. But that's not all - she included a fun ornament and a jingly pin in the package....and

A tea towel trimmed to match the mug rug, personalized for my own kitchen. 

You'll notice that I didn't iron my tea towel before hanging it up. Do you ever iron tea towels? I learned to iron on tea towels, pillow cases and my father's handkerchiefs. Nice, flat things. There are a few tea towels I still iron, but not most of them. Same with pillowcases. How about you? 

And here's the mug rug that went east. After I looked at the photo on my computer, I realized that I hadn't stitched the cardinal's eye, so I did that before popping it into the mail.

Thanks, Kim, for organizing such a fun swap!

I'm sitting by the fire writing this blog, drinking my tea. As soon as I click "publish" I'll be up and running. Decorating the house (at least a beginning), cleaning, and preparing for a dinner party this evening are what's on my list. On my husband's list is settling on light fixtures and tile for the bathrooms. So I'll make room for that in my day, too.  


  1. I really like the idea of mug rugs and use the ones I've been gifted. Coasters have a tendency to stick to the bottom of a glass or mug and clatter off onto the floor. The cute reindeer you received and matching tea towel are adorable - Kim is a talented crafter. Of course the cardinal you made for her is very nice too.
    I have not been ironing my tea towels for a long time but do my cotton pillowcases weekly. I learned on my Dad's handkerchiefs too and until the day he died, he would only use them and never a tissue. :-)

  2. I have never heard of a mug rug before! And I have to admit that these made me smile.

    In France, we iron EVERYTHING. Truly, everything - especially as most people don't have dryers so anything comes out of the wash looking like a piece of misshaped origami.

    Have a wonderful dinner party. I was just thinking about well, thinking about decorating for the holidays...maybe...soon.

  3. What a fun swap - the items are so cute. It sounds like you have a very busy day. I don't think I'd be having a dinner party on the night of decorating day. You seem to do everything so smoothly an effortlessly, and with grace. I want to be you when I grow up.

  4. A lovely idea, and such Christmassy rugs!

  5. Both of the mug rugs are adorable. I like the idea of a pocket for tea bags . . . sew cute. I do not iron tea towels, but I do like to iron my pillow cases :)
    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.
    Connie :)

  6. If you are planning a dinner party tonight I bet you will be off and running....
    Lorrie, I love my cardinal mug rug! That was such a neat idea to create a pocket for a tea package. Thanks again for participating. And have fun decorating!

  7. Mandarin oranges or better, "cuties" as they are called here seem to be around especially at Christmas so they are beginning to remind me of Christmas and I like to grab some to decorate a table before we eat them. I too learned to iron with pillowcases, tea towels and dad's handkerchiefs. I rarely iron but if I have the iron up (Which I usually do unless guests are using the room) I do sometimes iron a tea towel. It gives it a little extra stiffness even after being used. I L O V E tea towels and enjoy giving them as gifts tied up in a ribbon.

  8. What a fun swap. The cute reindeer on your mug rug made me smile. I never iron my tea towels since I figured they would get wrinkled anyways. Ditto for my pillowcases. Heh.

  9. What a fun exchange. Yes, I still iron pillowcases. I just love getting into bed with a crisp, embroidered, vintage pillowcase. I learned to iron on hankerchiefs too.

  10. Oh my! These are both so cute! I wanted to take part but didn't know where to start. I hope she'll do it again next year so that I can have one ready! lol Enjoy your weekend. Hugs, Diane

  11. Anonymous6:31 PM

    Lorrie, I don't think I have seen a mug rug before. So adorable! Your tea towel matches perfectly. I don't iron mine either or my pillowcases. And the world keeps spinning! :-)

  12. No I don't iron my pillowcases, tea towels or sheets. I know people who do, but who knows anyway once they're in use.
    Your mug rug is really cute as is the one you sent away. There are some talented people out there :)


  13. I love the idea of a mug rug, what a great idea especially with your slots for the tea bags!
    The less I iron the better in my book, however I do iron pillow cases but most definitely not tea towels. I hope your decorating has gone well. I did mine yesterday, maybe a little too much - maybe not! Take care xx

  14. These are both really cute ideas for mug rugs. I also like that pinecone tea cup in your photo shoot! I hope you had a very fun evening with your guests, and that your decorating is coming along nicely. We did our great big Christmas shop in Toronto yesterday with my family, but I haven't got any decorations out just yet. One thing at a time :)

  15. What adorable mug rugs! You've reminded me that I wanted to make a few this year, too. That little deer is a...well, DEAR!!! LOL

    If you do iron your tea towel, be sure to do it from the back of the emb. & not too high a temp. I once put a big beautiful burgundy monogram on a dress for Ms. C. & before I ever got to give it to her, I pressed it & melted the entire thing! Had to re-do it the entire hem!

  16. How lovely to share such a connection. Wonderful gift.Xo

  17. Wish your postal system was so reliable. Both mug rugs are adorable. And I never, ever iron anything I don't have to. :) Happy holidays! Tammy

  18. Anonymous11:04 AM

    I just finished my coffee and am catching up on blog reading. Very cute mug rugs and tea towel. I must admit I don't iron anything doesn't 'require' it. :-) I finished my decorating yesterday so I'm enjoying the lights and decorations. Happy decorating and fixture choices.

  19. Very fun swap! Love the tea towel and no, I usually don't iron them but I have one that I do. I rarely iron pillowcases either.

    Tonight I am polishing up some silver - using foil, salt and baking soda in the sink. It's working well.


  20. What a cute swap you were in. I love those things but have never joined one. Bet you are busy- me, too! I got my outside stuff done today so now I can move "inside". xo Diana


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