Sunday, November 22, 2015

Increments of Time

Early last week, wild wind and rain splattered hard against cars and houses, whipping leaves off trees and flinging them against windows and windshields.  

Calm arrived a couple of mornings later, along with frost that soon melted. I captured the above photo from a bedroom window that looks towards the Olympic Mountains, seen here in hazy blue. 

The wind tore branches from trees in the neighbourhood and during a couple of evening walks, I picked up a few to fill the plant pots on the porch. I was happy to see, in the daylight, that several branches included pine cones. I'll add some cedar and holly to gussy the pots up for Christmas. 

Intense color streaked this afternoon's sky as we began our walk around the bog. 

During the summer the bog drains dry. I don't know where the ducks go, but once the rains begin and the water rises, the wildlife returns. Although the light faded quickly, I captured a few placid ducks paddling quietly.

Wind. Rain. Calm. Weather, like life, is changeable.  

Christmas preparations are beginning slowly around here. I'm becoming more efficient in using bits of time to accomplish small tasks. And I'm discovering once again that a little bit done in small increments can add up to accomplishing what I'd like to see done.

As my American friends prepare for Thanksgiving this week, I wish you all a wonderful celebration with loved ones and family. 


  1. That is one beautiful and brilliant sky, Lorrie!
    And I'm going to steal your idea of filling the flower pots with greenery for winter, I hadn't thought of that.

  2. The wind brought you some beautiful gifts. The branches look lovely in the pot! Beautiful skies!

    Happy week!

    Madelief x

  3. I love the evergreens in the pot...don't you just receiving "gifts" like that?

  4. A little at a time still accomplishes things ... I'm finding that out too. I've been working away on my white felt hearts just that way. A little here, a little there. And now I've got 15 made and ready for Christmas! I have two left to finish up. I'm quite pleased as I haven't done any crafting for a very long time.

    Your post and those photos are just wonderful. So glad you shared.

  5. What an amazing sky you captured.
    Thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes...
    Have a great week.

  6. I alway enjoy seeing your photos, Lorrie, and yes, life is changeable, isn't it? I'm visiting a few blogging friends while my mom is getting ready for bed.
    I so enjoyed seeing your beautiful and inspirational beaded hearts from your previous post. Looks like someone will receive a gift of your lovely handiwork.

  7. That water looks so calm for those ducks. And I love the scent of cedar and evergreens. I'll have to find some to cut to enjoy inside soon. Sweet hugs, Diane

  8. That beautiful afternoon sunset reminds me of how far north you are and how early dusk falls there. And a lovely view out your windows!

  9. Your sunset shot is stunning! Today, I heard the dreaded "windchill factor" mention in a weather report. I've started parking my car in the garage again because I hate scraping ice off the windshield in the mornings. Hee!

  10. Gorgeous sunset! Wow!

    I love your shot of the Mallard ducks, too. They are so pretty. And what a great way to get greens for your outdoor pots!


  11. It is so true- those little bits and pieces all add up when you piece them together and suddenly the puzzle is complete.
    Thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes...and then we, too, can prepare for Christmas. xo Diana


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