Thoughts for Friday written on Thursday

Flowers left on a park bench. Drooping. I'm feeling a little bit that way myself. The time change - is there anyone who welcomes it? We get up in the near dark, and it's near dark again when I get home. Ugh. My head feels thick and stupid and I'm tired. 

Part of that tiredness is due from taking on a class for another teacher for a couple of weeks. More prep, more marking. Report cards due next week. 

When I arrived home this evening, I took my camera out into the garden. I'd noticed a few late blooms - dahlias, roses and osteospermum. I used a night setting, but managed just this one photo - the others were too blurry and I wasn't about to set up my tripod. 

Blooming in November. There's a lesson for me. Perhaps I'll make a cup of tea and settle down in front of the fire with my marking. A little autumn music - the sound track from Pride and Prejudice, or Vivaldi's Four Seasons - in the background. A cozy heated rice bag at my back. Suddenly, things look a little more bearable.

Wishing you an evening (or day) of small comforts. Do share your advice for getting through dull days.   


  1. Well, I guess wine would work--although I don't drink. lol
    Happy evening to you...this too shall pass.
    hmmmm.. I can't see a single word I am typing so excuse any typo's. xo Diana

  2. I like to settle down with a project - sewing by hand, crocheting, painting with watercolor pencils - most anything that is fiddly and fussy and keeps my hands busy while my mind can wander and linger whee it wants. Hot tea and good conversation always helps on these long nights. I try not to wish them away - they never come again - so I try and fill them with happy things. Next project - Thanksgiving menu and table settings.

  3. This is really how I feel after coming back home from the USA. Even though I loved the trip (part one of the travel series is actually posted today) It seems like the tiredness is finally catching up with me and my fellow travelers. Getting out of bed is a chore in itself :)

    Mersad Donko Photography

  4. My body always takes awhile when the clocks change time in autumn. I've just returned home from visiting my son in Denmark, this time we decided to take the journey over two days, more tiring than all in the same day. So I'll taking things easy over the weekend. Enjoy your rest over the weekend .

  5. Fortunately your extra workload is only temporary. It is surely tiring.
    I feel relieved when summer with all its activities is over and one can, with good conscience, enjoy the life indoors with good books, a nice cup of tea, candles etc. (I know it's particularly easy to say it this year, when we just had one of the most beautiful autumns ever.) I start waiting for Christmas in September. In our northern darkness, Christmas brings light and warmth to our lives, not only spiritually but also physically.
    Have a lovely weekend!

  6. Anonymous4:27 AM

    I had to chuckle at this post because when I got up this morning I felt like my head was going to explode. I told my husband I wished there was one person I could be mad at for this time change. As I get older, It takes longer and longer to adjust every time the time changes. I remember when it took one or two days and now it is weeks. Oh well, I guess that is what a second cup of coffee is for. Good luck with your grading. :-)

  7. It has to be difficult getting through long days when you both arrive and leave in the dark. My sister has shared that experience with me. She says that she feels like a mole. Is there any way that you can take a quick walk during the day? Sitting by the fire with a cup of tea and Vivaldi playing in the background sounds restorative for certain. Now where's my fake fire?!

  8. I would say a cup of tea and a good book. We have had almost two weeks without the sun and strangely I love it. I think weather like that helps to slow time a bit. But then I'm not out every day teaching like you are. Give yourself some slack--you have a lot going on. The only plus I see to the time change is that candles look better on the dinner table with darkness outside the windows.

  9. I'm lucky the time change doesn't affect me and I'm an early riser to exercise in the basement then walk the dog...yes, the wonderful life of retirement that allows these things! Then it's a leisurely coffee and reading some blogs.
    One of the ladies at my Tues. morning Bible Study is drastically affected by the lack of light and already is feeling melancholy. She has one of the special lights but said it doesn't help.
    Putting your feet up by the fire with a cuppa and good music in the background hopefully makes the marking a more pleasant task.

  10. I like the time change, it helps us to slow down earlier in the evening and to do more together. But I know that my Tim used to have days where he went into work in the dark and came out into darkness and never saw the sun. He hated that. Perhaps a chance to step outside during the day?

    I'm glad you were able to relax and have a cozy evening. That is what I love about this time of year!


  11. I was just listening to the soundtrack of Pride and Prejudice myself yesterday. I am finding classical music is uplifting for me right now. You've got it right- a cup of tea and a good book or just to sit and be.


  12. Oh I feel your pain after a long day wrangling students. A few blooms still cling on here, but right now we are having a very light snow. We won't get much, but is just the idea that 'tis the season. I keep a stash of beans so make hearty soups to warm us up. Don't you just wish Day Light Savings would go away? I am tired too simply because I stay up too late. Enjoy your week end.

  13. Currently making up your caramel dip recipe for some friends who will arrive to WineDown to the weekend with me. Of course, it helps that weekdays now flow easily into the weekend for me. But I, too, find this first week of the time change tough. Take care.

  14. Oh Lorrie, I hope that this listlessness passes - in fact, knowing you even a little makes me believe that it will not last long! In the meantime, it sounds as though you have all the ingredients for a speedy recovery!

  15. Bless your heart...yes, the time change is WEARING me out, too...and I don't even work...hahha
    It seems our meal time is all messed up...we're eating 4 times a day...bed time is screwed ...I went to bed at 6:45 last night and up at 6:15 this morning...that's a LOT of will just take awhile for us all to get used to it.

  16. November does have its bright side too, although it’s hard to find it sometimes.
    Take time out and put your feet up, not every job needs to be done instantly.

  17. A cup of tea, a scented candle and crochet hook in hand! That gets me through! xx

  18. I dislike the time changes. When I worked in Toronto I would take the train to work in the dark and take it back home in the dark. To compensate I would get outside for a walk every day, even in the most wretched weather (even though my office was connected to the concourse and I could shop and eat lunch in subterranean comfort!). I dislike the darkness coming early though as I just get so fidgety in the evenings! I miss sitting on the patio or gardening for a couple of hours at the end of a busy day. I think a walk at night might help even if it is dark, then I can come back inside for a hot tea and a bit of knitting :)

  19. I work from home so I realize that DST ending is easy on me, but I love regular time. I call it God's Time!

    I love long dark evenings, eating supper when it's dark. But listening to the Four Seasons would make anything better!

  20. Hoping you have a better week this week. Your dahlia looks just like some we have in our garden.


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