Sunday, June 05, 2011

Life's Loveliness

"Life has loveliness to sell, All beautiful and splendid things ..." Sara Teasdale Summer's here! We've had a weekend of warmth and sunshine.
I walked on the beach in bare feet
on sand warmed by the sun,
waded in tidal pools that felt like bathwater
and let the waves lap against my legs.
Starfish come in various colors. On this side of Vancouver Island the most common color is
purple. One theory I've heard is that their diet affects their color. 
These are ochre star, or pisaster ochraceus
When we walk the beach at low tide, we often see
clusters of starfish huddled together in tangled masses under rocks.
Others are left stranded by the tide on the beach. 
These we throw back into the water so they don't dry out.
The tops of the starfish are leathery feeling, and highly textured.
Joining in another Monday Mosaic hosted by Mary at the Little Red House.


  1. Lorrie, this is beautiful with the starfish in the water. Imagining how wonderful it is at this time of year on Vancouver Island. xx's

  2. Great shots! I've never seen colored starfish, very pretty colors!

  3. WOW! Love all the colors!! I love coming to the Island..I think it is time for another trip soon :)

  4. They are wonderful colours. Great mosaic. I am glad summer has arrived to your part of the country.

  5. Great photo's thanks for sharing!
    Have a great week,
    Best regards,

  6. Beautiful photos Lorrie. Hey, do you know where starfish go in the winter? Do they go to deeper water?

  7. Such beautiful creatures - I love to watch them on a sunny day, through the sparkling water. Isn't it wonderful that summer has arrived?

  8. Beautiful shimmery water and mysterious starfish, such a delightful mosiac you've given us today, lovely!

  9. Oh so pretty...I love the rose colored one. You are a kind person to toss them back to the sea.

    On another note entirely, why has the mosaic slipped to the east? Blogger is full of surprises I think.

  10. Just can't imagine walks on the beach finding starfish on a regular basis...this is such a blessing in your life isn't it?

  11. So nice to have summer here! I didn't realize starfish came in so many shades. Beautiful!

  12. Wonderful photos and I'm just trying not to dwell on how lovely it is to live beside the sea...

    Thanks for your comment on my blueberries. 'Libre Cuiette' is indeed French for 'Pick Your Own'. I guess it means 'Free Gathering', literally - would you agree?

  13. Wht amazing colours they are. It is rare that we see starfish here.

  14. What amazing pictures!!

    Blessings, Debbie

  15. I've never seen a starfish in colors. Those are amazing....

  16. Brings back some very vivid childhood memories of a summer on Vancouver Island. Thanks, Lorrie.

  17. I love visiting your blog. It lifts my spirits!

  18. I hope you have a lovely summer with as many starfish on the beach as there are stars in the night sky.

  19. I do love the way Sara Teasdale weaves words... there is much loveliness in this life, along with the brokenness. I am thankful for that and for constant reminders that God is good. I read down and wish you success with your roses. We are officially in a drought here, now that the storms are gone and my roses are fading fast. Since we've been cautioned not to water, we are officially praying for rain. Our vegetable garden is a bit larger this year, and I fear we will lose it if we don't get some substantial rain soon.

    Love your starfish photo. I appreciated your words of affirmation on my post.


  20. Hi, I have happened onto your blog once again. This time I have it in my rss feed.

    I never knew starfish were different colours, your not just pulling my leg are you? Our star fish on the East Coast are only one colour. We don't find many either. Soon we will be able to walk on the beach after the sun has warmed it, if the sun ever comes they say.
    Come by for a visit, I'd love to meet you,


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