Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ta-da! The Kitchen Reveal

As my readers know, we've been doing some major renovations on this house since we moved in 14 months ago. And now, the biggest part is done. Finished. Over with. And we're relieved. So, here are some before and afters.

This is the before and after view from the front door. We took out the french doors to the dining room, and eliminated the upper wall between the kitchen and dining room (to the left).

Here's the before and after view from the other side of the kitchen. New countertops, which are Formica (Arborite) with a Corian edge. The same cabinets, painted. The tops are white, the bottoms gray. 

New kitchen sink. Under counter lighting is so nice for ambiance in the evening, and for task lighting. I really like this sink. It's by Kindred, and is a composite material. 

The tile backsplash really lights up the kitchen, too. Most of the tiles are 8 x 13 ceramic with some accents of the glass and stone mosaic. 

View from the kitchen sink towards the front door. You can see the dining room here. Before we took out that upper wall, the kitchen was enclosed. It's in the center of the house, without windows. Now I can be a part of what's going on. When we have guests, I can be working in the kitchen at this counter, essentially an island, and still converse. Which is a good thing, because I hate to miss anything.

One of my favorite features are the pulls we chose. I chose them for their looks, but now that they are installed I love them even more. They stand out from the cabinets further than most pulls. This means that when I open the doors, I never touch the cabinet surface. I'm sure this will help keep the cabinets clean. 

Another view of the kitchen. I wanted some open shelving for displaying my pottery from Ecuador, Spain and Vietnam (the teapot - a gift). I think the shelves enable me to add some bright color into the room, which is otherwise quite neutral.

And another view. We installed a sun tube in the center of the kitchen ceiling which adds even more light. Pot lights around the perimeter of the ceiling make this a pleasant place to work. The shelf on the island is wood, in a similar finish to the stair handrail adjacent to it.

What do I like best about this kitchen? The airiness, light and open feeling. I'm happy to be there cooking up delicious things for whom ever might stop by. So if you're in the neighborhood, let me know!

Now, I've said "we" throughout this post. Really, the work was done by my wonderful, talented, hardworking husband. He has a more than full-time job and yet has plugged away on this project in the evenings and on weekends. It was more involved than we had anticipated and we're just glad it's done. Now we're going to enjoy summer!

I'm linking this to a kitchen party at Modern Country Style.


  1. Gorgeous! You have such a good eye for making your surroundings beautiful.

    Like you, I'd love to cook and be in that space. Like you I'd love the airiness, light and open feeling. Exactly what I 'need' in a kitchen, in fact, any place in my home.

  2. That must be a wonderful feeling to have completed such a big project. What a blessing to have such a gifted craftsman for a husband. I think it is totally appropriate to refer to the work "we" did as your style, influence and attention to details are also very evident. Love the splash of colour that your open shelves allow. Congratulations! Well done.

  3. Hi there from New Brunswick! I love your new kitchen! It looks so bright now that it's opened up and the cabinets are white. What a difference. (We just did the same thing) I like your display shelves with the bright pottery too. Have a great day! I'm visiting through Modern Country Style. Pamela

  4. It all looks so beautiful and how wonderful that you can work there and still be a part of all that's going on. That's an excellent idea about the pulls...I think you're right...cleaner cabinets with more room. I'm going to try to remember that! Give your hubby a pat on the back...he did a great job!

  5. What a difference you have made. This is a beautiful kitchen, you are a very lucky lady, my husband can just about put shelves up.

    I love the paler colours you have chosen - clean, bright and airy.

  6. Hi Lorrie,
    Have you really been there 14 months already??
    How the time has flown!
    The new kitchen is fab, it all looks wonderful.

  7. So white, so clean, so beautiful! I love that you took out that wall, I so love an open kitchen!

  8. Lorrie, your kitchen turned out great as well!!! Isn't it wonderful to be done and enjoying the outdoors and such now!! Love how taking out the wall opens up your floorplan and of course white cupboards are the best!! :) I think our stoves are the same! I love the seamless countertop it creates. Well,,,you know if you are ever in the Canadian Badlands, there will be a stool at my kitchen island for you to pull up and have a visit!

    Our hubbies are the best!!

  9. Mamamia!! That kitchen is so beautiful. That's how I imagine my future kitchen for some day when I own my own place. I love love love the white cabinets. Congrats!!!

  10. Congratulations! It looks great!

  11. It is so light and spacious! You must love working there! Wonderful!


  12. I LOVE seeing before and afters! Especially ones as lovely as yours!! I really like the tiles you've used. And your taps too!! (Oh, I think you say faucet!!).

    And, on an entirely spearate note, I also really love your blog desing the bokeh background is awesome - and I'm a teeny bit jealous!!!

    Thank you so much for linking up to my Kitchen Favourites party!

    I've signed up as your new follower!


  13. Wow, your renovation is amazing! I love everything about it and I especially love the way you have opened everything up. The colours are fabulous and I love that tap. Bravo!

    Thanks so much for dropping by my blog. It's lovely to meet you through Sarah.

    Best wishes,

  14. It looks fabulous. Can't wait to see it in real life later. You've added all those details you're so good at to make it just beautiful and tell Tim he did an amazing job. Celebrate. Relax.

  15. Hi Lorrie,
    Loving your new kitchen. It is so warm and inviting. You two did a fantastic job! I know you must enjoy spending time there. I know I would-hehe.
    Thank you for stopping by. I sure haven't blogged much at all this year, let alone visit people I adore
    (and you are one of them).
    Enjoy that new grandbaby.


  16. Beautiful. The cabinets painted white really changes the look in the corner. Love the countertops and the tiles. I can't imagine how dark it must have been before removing the wall. Good for you!

  17. What an amazing transformation - it's so bright and airy now, lovely! Tell hubby he did an amazing job ;)

    Stopping by from Sarah's linky party!

  18. Good heavens, this is a magazine kitchen. Sheer luxury.

  19. Nice work, great transformation.. Marie

  20. That's quite a change - well done! I'm with you, liking bright and airy above most else.

  21. what a fab reno..the kitchen looks so cheerful, full of light and homey..I was always interested in the sun tubes..can see the difference..lovely display shelf..enjoy your new kitchen and kuddos to your dear husband for all the great work !!

  22. I can't imagine having a kitchen without a window -- you have done wonders! Bravo to your husband for his efforts!
    (visiting via Modern Country Style's link party)

  23. Great work Lorrie and Mr. Tim! I know exactly how envolved home improvement projects can be and how wonderful you feel when they are completed! Your kitchen is beautiful!

    Enjoy the weekend!

  24. Oh! My! Gosh! This kitchen is Beautiful! I love everything about this. I'm a huge fan of White Cabinets in kitchens and your backsplash is simply wonderful. Can you come decorate my kitchen? Lol!


  25. Such a beautiful kitchen...aren't those "handy hubby's" the best??? Laurel

  26. Hi Lorrie, thanks for dropping by my blog on the weekend. Wow your kitchen has had quite a transformation. It looks great and must be a pleasure to cook in. It really is worth the money and effort isn't it...I know with our new one in Melbourne that it totally modernised and update the entire living area. I used to love coming out in the morning...and there it was...waiting for me all new and shiny...then we moved. Robx

  27. Oh my Lorrie...what a transformation! Your new kitchen is divine & for someone who loves to cook like you do, it must be heaven to work in. LOVE all your lights everywhere. I need more!

    Thanks for sharing your new space. I may have to check into those handles. We never put any on ours & I'm FOREVER wiping off the wood.



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