Thursday, June 30, 2011

Racing Poultry

A couple of weeks ago we received a calendar for the Coombs Fair, which takes place August 13 and 14. Along with the usual events of the fair, this year they will have Chicken and Duck races. Some of the rules include:

* Handler may coax, feed, talk, chase, cajole their entry.
( I can just imagine the cacophony on the course)

* Any entry that lays an egg on the course will be disqualified.
( Will the egg be confiscated by the race officials? If a chicken can lay an egg and still go on to win the race, shouldn't that be a cause for greater celebration? - or is laying an egg too distracting for the other competitors? - Inquiring minds want to know.)

* Entries must run barefoot or have footwear approved by Race Committee.
( Poultry in racing sneakers would be a sight to see! )

* Entries must be of good moral character.
( How does one determine the moral character of a duck? Can other ducks speak up? Do the chickens need character references? )

These rules bring up so many questions in my mind. Have you ever been to a chicken or duck race? I'm thinking this might be something to put on the calendar.


  1. Too funny, Lorrie . . . you should go and do a follow up post on it!

  2. Seems like the kind of thing you would find on the island :p
    I've seen pig races at the PNE, but not chicken or duck. It would be interesting to see. You should make a trip of it!

  3. Very funny, Lorrie. ☺ I hope that you can follow this story up and get to the bottom of the entire thing. (Ohhh, that's awful. ☺☺) No, I've never attended a chicken or duck race, which is why I really hope that you can go. Blog fodder...we all need plenty.

  4. Oh my goodness! I have never heard of such a thing.

  5. Oh, this sounds entirely like too much fun. Wish I could be there.

  6. Lorrie, you gotta go and take pictures or even record it!
    What fun! Ducks wear Nikes?

  7. I need to know the answers to all of those questions, so am putting the fair on my calendar! I know that all of our ducks are of Good Character, but I don't know about racing - they aren't into organized sports. :)

  8. I'm in a Wimbledon frame of mind this week, must be watching too much tennis, but to quote the great John McEnroe:
    "You can't be serious!"


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