Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer's Here!

It's time to wade in the water...

eat fresh and summery foods ...

nibble on berries made juicy and sweet by the sun

and explore new tastes and textures ... 

The first day of summer here is overcast and not very warm. But surely things will change. We're hoping so! 

How are you marking the first day of summer?


  1. Thanks for the Zucchini recipe! IT sounds wonderful.

    I am spending the first day of summer picking tons of French Green Beans to blanche and freeze for winter...

  2. Hello Lorrie,

    Love these photos and this cute little face!
    Well, we are expecting rain later on today...

    ~ Gabriela ~

  3. Great photos!
    Today is cloudly with storms.

    Wishing you a wonderful day!
    Hugs, Sharon

  4. Isn't it fun to have a baby around when the weather gets warm - playing on a blanket on the lawn, trying new tastes?
    I'm heading for work in Nanaimo today - then again next Tuesday....it should be a pretty drive over the Malahat.

  5. What fun 'summer' glimpses. That baby is too cute for words...... did he enjoy his nibble of parsley?

  6. The first day of summer looks lovely in your corner of the world. We've had summer temps for months -- at 11:30 pm it is 100 degrees out so you can imagine what daytime is like. No outdoor activities going on around here. But lots of eating and baking. :) Happy summer to you and yours! Tammy

  7. Really?
    Could you please tell the weather gods who make the weather for the UK?


  8. I'm enjoying a day of catching up!

  9. I forgot today was the first day of summer! Thank you for the reminder! Got together with a friend today at a park and our kids played for almost 3 hours! Times flies when there is adult company.

    Lovely summery photos, Lorrie!

  10. Hi Lorrie, Happy, Happy is how I feel about the first day of summer. Now lets' slow down time and enjoy:)

  11. The first day of summer turned out to be absolutely gorgeous over here...with sunshine and blue skies. We hope there will be many more!

    Great summer pic's!

  12. Love the red toenail polish! It's perfect for celebrating the first day of Winter! :))

  13. Cloudy and rainy here too. Love that first picture and of course that sweet baby eating parsley?

  14. Oh - I love these images! Particularly the first (feet) and the baby one!!!
    Very natural and summery!

  15. Hi Lorrie!

    Life can never get any better when there is a new baby to experience their "firsts" with...

    We are soooooo blessed!

    Have a great day.


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