Thursday, August 04, 2011

August Delights

Although it's already August it feels like summer is just beginning here. I'm loving the sunshine and warmer temperatures - still nothing like what much of North America is facing. 

So when I hear talk of "back to school" and "fall decorating" I think, "NO, not yet." I wail inwardly at the thought of summer ending before it's barely begun.

And so I'm refusing to jump on the fall bandwagon and am banishing all thoughts of that season (which I do love), until I have my fill of August's delights. Why rush the days? They pass all too quickly as it is. 

One of my delights is a daily stroll through the yard, admiring the cabbages, pulling a weed or two, looking for a lurking zucchini that has grown enormous in the night, and of course, ooohing and aaaahing over the flowers. Just now, it's the dahlias that are taking center stage. And the columbines. 

How are you delighting in this wonderful month of August?

And one administrative note: several people have mentioned that they are unable to comment on my blog. I changed the settings a couple of days ago and that seemed to fix it, but due to spam, I'm reverting back to not allowing anonymous comments. All this means is that you have to register in one of a variety of ways. I love comments, but the spam is something I'd rather not deal with. 


  1. Wow, those are beautiful dahlias you have in your garden! I bet the dear are hating your new fence but I love thinking about how happy you must be in your garden.

  2. Yes, Lorrie, the dahlias are exquisite! They were my mama's favourite flower when I was a child and she took great delight in tending to them. And I just found out this summer that columbines are my dad's favourite. Hope your August days do not rush by too quickly.

  3. When you report the spam, that should take care of it. Still, I don't allow anons anymore myself.

    I agree with you! Let us not rush the days. Easier for us to say than for those who are truly suffering in some vile heat, but still...

    The dahlias are amazing! So very beautiful.

  4. Hello,

    Well, I do understand you because you live in such a wonderful part of Canada...
    Are these also dahlias?


  5. My columbines are long gone :(, I'm not ready for fall yet either.

  6. The seasons in Canada do seem to go faster than anywhere else, I think, except maybe the long snowy winters that my daughter has in Norhtern BC.
    Your Dahlias are magnificent!

  7. Truly some of those August delights!

    I so enjoyed my time in Victoria last week with family. It's such a delightful place... beautiful and always brimming with fun stuff to see and do.

    What am I delighting in this August? Being able to come back to my blog and visit you!!

  8. What beautiful blossoms!! We are having warm summer days here in AB,,,,enjoy everyday of August!!

  9. Yes...I am definitely delighting in the month of August!

    Beautiful dahlias! My dahlias are still 'thinking' about opening up.

  10. The dahlias here are a long way from blooming, and like you, I am not at all ready for any mention of fall. In my book, it's the beginning of summer!

  11. Hi Lorrie,
    I agree with you, let's enjoy summertime whilst we can, I'm in no rush to experience autumn at all.
    Your dahlias are stunning, amazing colours.

  12. I love your beautiful flowers! I don't think the heat has been kind to my columbines--I don't think they will flower this year. **sad smile**

    I am enjoying looking back through your previous posts and getting to "know" you.

  13. Yes....the dahlias are gorgeous. Great photos! I think we want it to be fall because we think it might be cooler. As you know.... we are burning up down here! Ready for weather in the 80's for sure! ha!

  14. Your dahlias are stunning! I have always loved columbine too.


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