Monday, August 29, 2011

What are the Chances?

Memory is an odd thing. Or at least, mine is. I might forget what I went to the store for unless I rehearse the list in my mind or write it down. 

But I took a British Country Living magazine out of the library recently and thought the front cover photo looked familiar. Well, maybe that was because I'd seen it in Marie-Claire Idées, in the September 2009 issue, seen above.

Here's the cover of Country Living, March 2010. C'est intéressant, n'est-ce pas?

I looked at the publication information, and Country Living is part of the massive Hearst conglomerate, but Marie-Claire is not. 

Anyone in the publishing business out there? How often does this happen? Do magazines often sell photos/articles to each other? Or the photographer? I know that in writing articles, a certain time period has to pass before one can resell an article to another publication - if you've retained the rights to do so.

Regardless, I like the plates on the wall. 


  1. Well, who knew it worked that way? It is interesting. I guess this is what they call recycling in the publishing business!!

  2. raise a good point. How did that happen? Nice plates though.

  3. It's likely a "stock" photo. You can find a great number of stock photo companies online. Everything from Getty images (historic) to Corbis (pop culture/ textures). It's likely that they had a general design idea and some intern found a set of similar photos on a site that the mags had licenses for and that's the one the editing staff both cases.

    I could be wrong, but that's the way a lot of graphic designers work.

  4. I used to buy the once-a-season French Country magazine, but it is now $15 and full of photos that I recognise from other publications. Not really very fair, in my opinion.

  5. It happens every now and then in these magazines. I think they must have photos doing the rounds.

  6. I have seen this happen before. I think that a home being shot for a magazine spread is supposed to disclose that the pictures might be in another magazine and maybe they did not do that. I can't remember where or when I saw this, but I know it has happened before. And, I agree...the plates look pretty on the wall.

  7. I used to see that kind of thing pretty often, irritating when you think you're buying a new magazine. Maybe they are getting better or I'm not paying as much attention, surfing blogs for inspiration instead.


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