Thursday, September 08, 2011

First Anniversary

I've been thinking a lot about the wedding that took place last Sept 4. And looking at photos. So I thought you might like looking too. Here's the happy couple right after the ceremony.

Beautiful flowers ... 

Beautiful cake ... 

Beautiful outdoor setting for the reception.

Happy days, and a happy couple. Isn't memory a wonderful thing?


  1. Lorrie - for daughter looked stunning in that gorgeous dress with the lovely veil you worked on for so long. The wedding tables and cake had a real touch of class. Lovely memories!

  2. I was just looking at your wedding posts from last year - I have a reason for looking for inspiration!
    Your daughter and her husband make a very handsome couple!

  3. Sorry - I meant "your" daughter... and forgot to mention that her husband was nicely turned out as well. They look like a very happy couple!

  4. Well, congratulations with a year of transoceanic delay, from your latest follower :-)

  5. They are beaming with happiness. I love the headpiece/veil and the cake is beautiful.

  6. Yes, and pictures are terrific, too. Sometimes my memory needs the boost. For example, I had forgotten that your lovely daughter was so recently married. Happy anniversary to the happy couple. Hope that the cake tasted just wonderful on the 4th.

  7. Oh yes, Lorrie! It's wonderful that we have pictures to better remember... isn't it? Congratulations to the happy couple!
    The magazine was out on September 1st. It should be around the corner, then! ;)
    Monica x

  8. Such a beautiful young woman in one of the most beautiful gowns I've ever seen! Congrats to them.

  9. Memory is a wonderful thing indeed! Happy Anniversary.

  10. My Lorrie, can hardly believe that a year has gone by. Your daughter looks so like you.


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