Thursday, September 22, 2011

Home Again

Our vacation started two weeks ago with a birthday party in Victoria. Three of our children and their spouses have birthdays in September so we celebrate with one party. The efforts of the birthday boys and girl garnered a lot of laughter. I'm sorry I don't have a photo of the cake because Katie topped it with little Lego people representing each personality. 

Our next stop was Chilliwack, on the mainland, where we spent the weekend visiting my family and eating my mom's good cooking!

Early Monday morning (you can tell just how early by the photo) we headed east, to Alberta.

Up, over the coastal mountains, then across the interior of British Columbia, past Kamloops. We stopped at Yard Creek to run around a little and stretch our legs.

On towards the Rockies. Lunch was a picnic at Hemlock Grove rest area in Revelstoke National Park. 

The leaves were still green, but tired-looking. We soaked in the lovely warm sunshine, enjoying our food.

An inquisitive jay hovered nearby, hoping for some handouts. We kept our food to ourselves since that's what the signs recommended.

At first I thought the huge cloud I saw was just weather, but then we saw the smoke billowing up from the mountain. Forestry officials were conducting a controlled burn to rid the forest floor of debris. Controlled burns prevent larger forest fires from destroying even more territory. Fires are a natural occurrence, often caused by lightning.

Our day ended late, in Red Deer. I'll write more about our vacation in another post.


Brenda @ Its A Beautiful Life said...

Beautiful photos... I recognized some of the places. That jay was an amazing colour!

Glad you enjoyed.. we'll watch for more snippets of your vacation.

Vee said...

What a pretty journey east. I've never seen a jay that looks like that. Ours are a paler blue.

Chilliwack? That sounds familiar...

My Little Home and Garden said...

That looks like a wonderful trip, Lorrie. The scenery is just gorgeous; I really like the second photo!

Lorrie said...

Vee, I met Bev of the MGCC gang - she attends the church my brother pastors and my parents attend. And the photo of the mountains in the morning shows Mt. Cheam on the left, often featured in Judy's posts.

Pondside said...

All familiar territory.
That birthday party looks like it was lots of fun - just goes to show that, no matter what the age, if you let the kids plan the party it will be a good one!

Pet said...

What a wonderful landscape. For a proper "British" gathering only the cricket for the boys is missing :-)

Elizabethd said...

What a beautiful area to spend a holiday in.

Judy said...

That birthday party looks like a hoot! I'm taking notes.

Beautiful pic's along the way...and even my favorite view from 'my front porch'!

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