Thursday, September 15, 2011


Ratatouille is one of those dishes from southern France (Provence) that can be oh, so very good, or oh, so very bad. This is a sort of recipe. 

It's a great way to use late summer vegetables - zucchini, eggplant, onions, sweet peppers and tomatoes all meld into a delectable dish. And I've found that it can be frozen successfully - it loses a little of the texture, but not much and if baked with a cheese topping - mmmm good. Of course, fresh is best.

The way I make it takes awhile, so I like to make a big batch and have leftovers. Basically all the vegetables are cut into pieces and sauteed slowly until tender. I like to saute each vegetable separately, in olive oil, each with a separate herb and salt.

Onions - thyme
Red or Orange Peppers - rosemary
Zucchini - oregano
Eggplant - just salt and pepper
Tomatoes - garlic

Combine all the sauteed vegetables and then add a good squeeze of lemon juice and perhaps some finely chopped mint.

I could eat just this for dinner, or lunch, by itself. But paired with some crusty bread and a hunk of cheese - perfection!


  1. You go to a lot of effort to get the best-tasting ratatouille. It looks beautiful and so fresh and so tasty. I don't believe that I've ever tried this one before, though I've certainly heard about this classic dish. I happen to have some eensy-teensy peppers and a zucchini...wonder if I have your patience... (Doubt it highly.)

  2. We love it too. I like it leftover with a heavy thick-sliced bread.

  3. It's one of our favourites too.I'm using up all the last courgettes (zucchini)at the moment. I roast all the vegetables rather than stewing them...just a matter of different methods and taste I guess.

  4. This one looks perfect to me!

  5. Lorrie,
    This looks really delicious. The picture sure caught my eye on my sidebar!

  6. Oh my goodness - it looks so delicious and is good inspiration for our fall suppers here on the farm. Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. Lovely image, Lorrie!

    You're absolutely right, Ratatouille can be very good or just very boring.
    The trick is not to overcook the zuccinis and
    I always add either some pepperoni or sometimes a pinch of curry to it, this gives just a kind of 'umpff' if you know what I mean.....
    Apart from that - Bon App├ętit!

    Best wishes for a good start in the week and greetings,

  8. I agree there is not much better than ratatouille and cheese. A perfect combo!! Clarice

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