Makeup Brushes and Travel Plans

With less courses and a little more time for other things, I stitched up a couple of makeup brush rolls. I made this one for my youngest daughter, 

and this one for myself. The brushes (and mascara tubes, eyeliner pencils, etc) all fit neatly into their slots. It's easy to untie and unroll in the morning and keeps everything neat and tidy.

See the feathers on this fabric? Our little girl, last September's bride, is spreading her wings and flying off to Europe. For a year. She and her husband are taking their jobs with them (via computer) and plan to spend a couple of months in several countries. 

Does my mother-heart go pitter patter? You bet. But this is an opportunity of a lifetime. We will miss them. But I would never hold them back. Our parents let us go freely and now we can do the same. Just because something is hard doesn't mean it isn't good. 

And there's Skype. And a good reason to make a trip to Europe, don't you think?


  1. Love the little make up rolls. I know how you feel about your daughter as mine went off to Australia, all on her own, for a year and has had her visa extended so we are now into the second year. Skype is wonderful as even though she doesn't have access to it the calls to her mobile cost me less than using my land line so I can catch up with her occasionally. I find it is the not being able to touch her to give her a hug that is the hardest part. I am sure your girl will have a wonderful time and if she is in England and needing any assistance please give her my e-mail address.

  2. What great projects you've whipped up! Tutorial anywhere? Your own creation for which you'd love to provide a tutorial? ???

    Wow. What a great opportunity for your daughter and son-in-law. They're going to have the time of their lives, I'm sure. Have asked the Lord for traveling mercies and special blessings and peace for your parent heart, too. One question: Will they be home in time for Christmas?

  3. They are very pretty. What an skilled artist are you!

  4. I have a feeling that your newly attained free time will be full of special and fun projects.
    It's so hard to say 'good by' but when you think about the travel possibilities....there's a bright side.

  5. You MUST go visit them! I've never used skype but hear that it's great!

  6. Skype is wonderful, I use it to keep in touch with my grandaughters in Sydney, and other friends and family in UK.
    Are your 'young' coming to France, I wonder?

  7. It's a wonderful world we live in when you hear of opportunities to take a job halfway across the world in a little black carry on bag. That's terrific that your daughter and her husband have an opportunity to work in Europe. Perhaps you'll be planning to visit them while they're abroad. The makeup rolls are great and would be fun to make with fabric scraps. Thanks for sharing the idea with us.

  8. Send them over Lorrie, we'll take good care of them, promise!

  9. Such a cute little gift you made . . . I love homemade gifts! I used Skype to talk to Kari often when her and Ken were living in Singapore. Email is great but sometimes you just need to hear their voices.

  10. I think it's wonderful that you used a fabric with the symbolism of the feather. It just makes a lovely gift even better. You will definitely have to plan a trip!

  11. Europe is wonderful, and I should know because I live there :-)
    Your daughter will have some wonderful memory making opportunities over here and I am sure she will share them all with you on Skype. Skype is wonderful, I use it all the time to talk to my sister in New Zealand.

  12. The opportunity sounds perfectly wonderful!

    Lovely little travel bags!

  13. How exciting for you daughter and son in law!! What a great opportunity and you have a wonderful reason to plan another trip to Europe!! Love the fabric cosmetic bags too!

  14. Yes, our little birdies fly the coop and move to the other side of the world, but as you said it's an opportunity for you to fly too!

  15. Such a neat idea...the make-up brush rolls. I'm taking notes!

    Wishing your daughter and her husband a wonderful year abroad!

  16. Quelles jolies petites trousses ! J'ai fait quelque chose du même style mais sans les coins arrondis (qui sont beaucoup plus jolis que les angles droits).
    Ta fille a raison de saisir l'occasion de voyager... si jamais ils sont de passage près de chez nous ils seront les bienvenus !

  17. So pretty Lorrie, you are a clever needlewoman.

    I understand just how you feel about your beloved daughter off abroad for a year. No matter how much we know how good it is for them it is hard emotionally for a Mother.

    As you say Skype is wonderful. Not even mobile phones here when mine were away. Life has changed. I wish them well.


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