Friday, September 30, 2011

The Last Day of September

There are still a few dahlias in my garden. I cut five of them yesterday and plunked them into a soup tureen, along with clippings from the yard (including lots of sage) and one bunch of purchased dark mums. It looks fall-ish to me, as does the gray sky.

Last weekend, when I cooked an early Thanksgiving dinner for our traveling children, I brought out my thankfulness rocks. 

I made these a couple of years ago, when life looked rather bleak, as a reminder to myself of the many, many things for which I could give thanks.

I put them into a hand-carved wooden leaf-shaped bowl from Ecuador and remember that I am blessed.

And I realized that there was one big blessing who arrived this past year, for whom there was no rock.

I promptly remedied that!

This weekend's lineup - overnight guests (2 sets!),
 a little studying,
 a little cooking,
- other than that, things are rather mellow around here.


  1. Oh that newest rock is particularly charming! What a great idea. Now I'm wondering where I can find some smooth rocks.

    Enjoy the company and the studies and the weekend in general.

  2. What a sweet idea. We have so much to be thankful for.

  3. Yes , we should be more thankful, in good and bad times too. Having a pile of rocks as a reminder isn't a bad idea at all :-)

  4. Your weekend doesn't sound all that mellow to me. Have a great one!

    I love the idea of 'Thanksgiving rocks'.

  5. The rock idea is a lot like my shells - I write on the inside of the shell, and put them around the garden.

  6. two sets of overnight guests would be enough to get me working over a weekend. studying and cooking as well? you are superwoman!

  7. Hi, Lorrie
    Your flower arrangement is beautiful. I planted sage this year but didn't think to put it with flowers.
    Enjoy your guests!

  8. I don't have good luck growing dahlias but yours are gorgeous. Like you I'm hanging on to the remnants of summer.

  9. Hi Lorrie,

    Look at those flowers. Lovely. They would be wilting here-hehe.
    Your thankfulness rocks are inspiring. We really do have so much to be thankful for, even when circumstances seem a bit bleak.

    I've missed you my friend.


  10. I love your Dahlias, Lorrie! Particularly the dark-colored ones.
    And your collection of stones is so unique!

  11. The rocks - what a fun idea and the flowers do look Autumnal. Very pretty.


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