Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Food and Fashion

This is not a post about fashionable food, or foodie fashionistas. Rather, it's two disparate subjects in the same post. A potpourri with just two ingredients, you might say.

I have a small (ahem) collection of scarves and love wearing them in any season except for the hottest days of summer. But how many ways can you tie a scarf? Well, more than I thought, apparently. Click on the video - Wendy shows 25 ways to wear a scarf in just 4.5 minutes. It's a fun video to watch and I know I learned a few things. If I can just remember them when I want to.

Moving on to food ... 

Last night I made a pear cranberry crisp.  I was feeling creative and made a few additions that I think made it more than just a crisp. Not that the basic crisp recipe is lacking in any way - but sometimes, it's fun to change things up. I'll put up a recipe on my other blog. (edited to add, here's a link to the recipe.) I added some candied ginger to the crumb mix along with freshly grated nutmeg (my new taste  love) and of course, cinnamon. Warm and spicy, with a hint of cranberry tartness, it was just the thing for a very rainy wet west coast evening.


  1. Who'd-a-thunk it! So many ways to tie a scarf! the braid is cool!

  2. Hello Lorrie,
    that is a beautiful video. I love scarf. I will save this video. thanks
    Best wishes

  3. Hello Lorrie

    I just found your blog and am enjoying reading about your world. I am a new follower

    I love your recipe and pears and cranberries are a favourite of mine.

    I, too, enjoy wearing scarves.

    Helen Tilston Painter

  4. Thanks Lorrie for the scarf video. I've been wearing scarves for years, before they became the cool thing to do, but I'm a very boring scarf wearer. Ill give some of these ideas a go.

  5. Brilliant scarf ideas. Must try to copy some of them.

  6. i like these scarf ideas :)
    follow my blog at kieranik.blogspot.com

  7. What a great video! Thanks for sharing it...like you, I may not remember how to tie one of those cool knots when needed!!

  8. Now that was interesting and so well done. I like the waterfall and the magic trick and something else that I've already forgotten. One thing I know, my scarf is not long enough for any of these.

  9. A scarf and a warm and sweet fruit crisp - I think you've got the recipe for surviving this rain. Isn't it something?

  10. I love to wear a scarf too and always end up wrapping and looping it the same way every time.
    Thanks for the scarf tying tips.

  11. A perfect post for this time of the year...scarves and crisps. I will be back for further scarf tying lessons as needed!

  12. So glad to have found your lovely blog today! I am now a follower ;-)
    Thanks for sharing the scarf video. So inspiring!

  13. That is a really cool video! Thanks for showing it to us.
    Last summer, I saw TONS of young girls in short shorts, wearing scarves around their necks. I thought it looked odd, but hey...I guess I'm getting old. LOL

    I love that yummy cobalt blue color!

    Your crisp sounds yummy, too. I may have to give it a try. Thanks for telling us all that went into it, too.


  14. I can see I'll need to get more creative in scarf-tying!

  15. Thanks for the scarf video! I only knew of three ways to wear one before this ;) Your pear crisp looks so tasty!

  16. Loved this video! Gave me some great ideas for my scarves! Kit

  17. The Cranberry crisp looks yummy.

    I love having many scalves too and like trying different ways of wearing them.


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