Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Tea Cup in the Mail

Stephanie of The Enchanting Rose hosts a teacup (or mug) exchange twice a year. I've read about it but never got my act together enough to participate. This year I said I would. 

Several weeks ago I received a lovely parcel in the mail. Tearing off the mailing wrapper, I discovered a French-themed gift box with an Eiffel Tower. Loved it! Inside the box was an elegant tea cup, a hand knit dishcloth, teabags, a package of silvery napkins to match the cup, a trio of Ferrero Rocher chocolates (yum), and a note from Sandra of Ravenhill Cottage.

Here's a close up of the teacup. Isn't it pretty? I'm looking forward to trying the Blackberry and Elderflower tea. I've not done so yet, because tomorrow is the big link up at Stephanie's blog for all the participants to show their tea items.

My parcel was sent to England and I didn't take a photo of it before mailing it. I don't think it's arrived quite yet. 

A big thank you to Sandra for the parcel, and another big thank you to Stephanie for organizing the exchange.  

While chocolate and tea make a perfect pairing, sometimes a savory treat goes equally well with tea. This past weekend (Thanksgiving), I tried out a new recipe for an Apple Cheddar Tart appetizer. It was different, and quite yummy, although my husband said the apple was unexpected. Guess I'll have to warn him next time! 


  1. What a fun idea! And after your busy Thanksgiving weekend, I hope you find a minute to treat yourself to a tea session..

  2. What a lovely idea for a swap. Apples and English cheeses together are traditional here in UK and I love the sound of the tart though I wouldn't say that clotted cream and creme fraiche were interchangeable as the recipe says. Hope the tea tastes good although anything would taste fine in that lovely cup I dare say.

  3. I have a similar tea cup actually. It looks very good and that's a great idea!

    Mersad Donko Photography

  4. What a pretty and thoughtful gift you have received. Sounds like a great idea for a swap. With the weather cooling, a pleasant tea break would be a most welcome event.
    I'm off to explore your tart recipe. It looks delicious. My dad always liked a slice of cheddar with his apple pie.

  5. Well that sounds like a fun exchange. Your tart sounds delicious of course! One time I made a pie with squash and told the kids to not tell my husband when he came home but they thought it was awful and warned him the minute he walked in the door! (And, it wasn't that good....)

  6. Wonderful package in the mail! I love that the napkins match the tea cup.

    You always make the most yummy looking appetizers!

  7. Good morning...or almost afternoon, my dear Lorrie :) I was thrilled to have you along on this tea cup and mug adventure and I greatly appreciate your participation.

    The tea cup from Sandra is so elegant and lovely! And the extra items are simply delightful.

    Also, te appetizer looks amazingly delicious! Wish I could try a piece right now {{smiles}} Thanks again, sweet lady. May your day be extra beautiful. Hugs!

  8. Anonymous7:58 AM

    Lovely tea cup and that appetizer looks amazing. Hope your cup finds it's way to your recipient soon!!

  9. What a fun exchange, Lorrie. I am seeing them all over blogland, today. The one you received is very elegant looking with a bit of formality attached. Reminds me High Tea! That apple/cheddar tartlet looks amazing! xo Diana

  10. Your gifts are so lovely, Lorrie, this was a fun Exchange of teacups and a great way to make new friends, thanks for sharing.

  11. What a simply sweet teacup - perfect for an afternoon cup of tea. Your appetizer sounds delicious.

  12. I'm so pleased you like everything. I enjoyed putting your package together and hope you enjoy it all.

  13. I like your new teacup from the exchange Lorrie, very pretty - and with matching napkins! This was a nice exchange to participate in.
    The appetizer looks pretty tempting!

  14. Such a lovely thing to take part in! It is a beautiful teacup isn't it! xx

  15. What a lovely teacup and wonderful other goodies! It my first time too Lorrie...like you said, just couldn't get my act together before. And also like you, guess who forgot to take photos of what I sent out?? :) This was so much fun. I don't know Stephanie does all she does...but then again, I do :)

  16. Oh Lorrie, what a pretty teacup and such wonderful gifts to go along with it. Isn't this exchange the most fun of giving and receiving! Stephanie is such a dear for organizing this with such kindness and thoughtfulness. She's such a sweet friend!

  17. What a wonderful package of treasures. I think that is a stunning teacup = one perhaps even your husband wouldn't object to using.....not too "girlie girlie!"

    I hope your swap partner receives her package soon and can share with us!

    Take care, and yum to that apple cheddar tarte, can you tell I am empty and need food soon?

  18. Such a lovely package and teacup. Love this fun exchange!

  19. Lovely package - the tea cup is so pretty!

    Your tart looks really good!


  20. I'm so glad you finally had a chance to participate in Stephanie's exchange. I think this is such a wonderful experience and can't for the next one.
    The teacup and saucer are really pretty and very elegant! Sandra's gifts to you are so lovely, and the tea sounds pretty good!!! I received this Organic white, blueberry and elderflower tea from my swap partner and it smells and tastes heavenly! Have a wonderful week!

  21. Pretty teacup! I enjoyed the exchange and hope you did as well! Lovely post.

  22. Hello Lorrie~ I'm visiting you from my dear Stephanie's party, so nice to meet you.
    Oh my...That tea cup is gorgeous and quite eloquent with its silver in color.
    That tea sounds wonderful!
    When we visit family in Canada I try and stock up on black currant tea while I am there, oh so delicious.
    Sandra is a dear and sweet lady, and she has certainly blessed you.
    Enjoy your treasures~ Debbie

  23. This teacup exchange sounds like oh so much fun! I just visited Shane and saw here teacup too. And the tart looks and sounds just amazing!

  24. I clicked over to Stephanie's blog and I am completely amazed at how many people participated and the great variety of creative gifts. Very fun!

  25. Your pretty new tea cup effuses elegance...love it. Oh I do like the sound of the combination of Blackberry and Elderflower tea....sounds lovely and refreshing. You certainly received the most wonderful goodies.

  26. A pretty little tea cup and such yummies to go with. I am hoping I can take my daughter to high tea this Christmas. Neither one of us has ever been, but it sounds like such fun.
    Thank you for your sweet words over at my little blog. It takes me awhile to get around to visiting everyone, but it is such a joy.
    Much love,

  27. It's always exciting opening a parcel isn't Lorrie!
    Yours looked particularly good, a sweet cup and many thoughtful extras added too.
    This is my third and like you, I forgot to photograph the gifts I sent. I was a little disappointed as the person didn't have a blog and didn't send photos to Stephanie either.
    I wonder who you sent to?
    The recipe sounds very tasty - I'll try it over the weekend - thank you!
    Shane x

  28. Very pretty teacup and saucer, along with sweet accompaniment. Your apple cheddar treat looks and sounds delicious; I like the infusion of savoury and sweet, and fruit and cheese, anyway, is always enjoyable.

    Enjoy your teacup exchange at Stephanie's!


  29. What a lovely cup you received Lorri!

    Have a good evening!

    Madelief x

  30. So glad you got a chance to participate Lorrie. It was lots of fun. I'm enjoying seeing all the pretty and generous packages exchanged here. Sandra has a lovely blog, and she gifted you with some real delights.
    You set a beautiful Thanksgiving table. I think you Canadians are very sensible to celebrate in October. Our Thanksgiving is too close to Christmas and a little overshadowed by it.

  31. Hi Lorrie! I was also touched by Sandra's generosity when I participated in my first exchange last year. The silver and white teacup that she gave you is gorgeous and perfect for sipping tea in the winter.

  32. What a wonderful thing to be a part of and your parcel that you received thoroughly delightful. Enjoy the elderflower tea in that gorgeous tea cup

  33. I have been enjoying seeing some of you ladies receive your packages and the care put into them as you send them out, and this is no exception! What a lovely tea cup / I need to check out that recipe as well :)

  34. This is such a beautifully elegant teacup! What a wonderful package you have received from a new friend ;) I've been enjoying visiting various ladies who participated in the exchange and have had some fun admiring all the pretties.


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