Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fall Hydrangeas

Although it's hard to choose a favourite flower, hydrangeas are up among the top five on my list. I love them all year round. Now, in autumn, they turn pinky brown and dry perfectly. One of my plants just bloomed with a new blossom, you can see the blue ball there on the right.

Pale, muted, yet still so beautiful. We are enjoying a wonderful autumn - very little rain has fallen so far and the skies have been mostly sunny and blue. A good time to take long walks and store up the sunshine for darker days ahead.


  1. Hi Lorrie! How are you?

    Those are so pretty. I miss my hydrangea bush. We have one in this house but it could never compare to what we had. It is a wonderful time of year to soak in the warm sunshine while we still have it!


  2. The blue are by far my favorite!

  3. They are still beautiful. Mine are going over a bit. I still like the dried heads over the winter too.

    Lorrie the award I have for you is now posted on my b log.

  4. Beautiful Lorrie..they colour is so lovely.

    Thank-you so much for your kind words and prayers over these last couple of weeks...I had a bit of a set-back yesterday...but today is better. Hopefully, I am on the mend!!

    Take care.

  5. Love the pink hydrangeas! mine seem to always get damaged by the rain & wind before they look that good! What are you going to make with them?

    Kindredly, Lynne Laura


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