Friday, October 17, 2008

Grateful Friday

It's been a hectic two weeks - I've been subbing for a French teacher (who took a group of students to Paris - oh I wish I could go again.) And Thanksgiving. And visiting with wonderful friends. I was supposed to be home yesterday but the teacher called in sick and asked if I could fill in one more day. She caught a cold in Paris, which apparently isn't any more fun than one caught in Canada.

So today I've been doing laundry and studying. I'm a little behind on my courses - of where I want to be at this point. But I think I can catch up. I worked on an English lit assignment and an essay in French. I do love studying, which my husband thinks is just kind of weird.

And now I've taken a little break - to blog and I'm going for a long walk. Walking helps me think - if I toss the ideas I'm writing about in my brain as I walk, I get home and sometimes I can put them into coherent sentences instead of a jumbled mess.

Have a great and grateful Friday.
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  1. I do hope you are in the French ATC swap on CPA!!?

  2. Oh to speak French well!

  3. I agree with my friend Laura, I don't really parlez all that well. It's more of a hands and feet thing.:)But it seems to work for me.

    Hope you had a great walk, too!
    xo Lidy


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