Thursday, October 16, 2008

Too Many Bags?

Can anyone have too many bags? I don't think so. I made this one over the summer. And since I've started knitting (like I need another craft to do) I think this bag will be perfect for storing/carrying knitting needles and yarn. I pleated the toile body, added some buttons just for looks and had a fun time with this.


  1. Lorrie, thanks so much for your comment and words of wisdom. I know that you are right. I have been going through one of those "wilderness" type times these past couple of months. My faith hasn't waivered, but I "feel" like He's so far away sometimes. I was listening to one of Michael Card's old radio shows last night. He sang the song "Never Will I Leave You" and quoted the verses from Hebrews and Deuteronomy. I needed to hear that so much because although faith does not equal feelings, sometimes feelings want to drive the faith. I need to remember that I must let Truth drive the faith. So, thanks for that reminder.

    BTW, I love the bag... toile is a favorite of mine, and I especially love the red. Glad to see pics from your Thanksgiving, too.


  2. I love your bag! I'm on the verge of making my first bag...still haven't made the leap yet. I think I'm going to have to make a trial bag first with a fabric I don't love so I can get over this mental blockade :)

  3. What a wonderful bag, great for knitting or anything else.
    Thanks for visiting my blog, this is my first time to yours, but not the last.

  4. This is Darling! And I agree: one can never have too many bags :)


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