Sunday, July 31, 2011

Newcastle Island

Summer has arrived on the west coast. It's still cool, but the sunshine is beautiful. On Sunday Tim and I went to Newcastle Island, just off of Nanaimo. A water taxi took us, and our bicycles across the water, about a 10 minute ride. 

We biked and hiked, peered at rock formations, ate lunch overlooking the sparkling sea, and learned about pulp stones. In the mosaic you can see photos of round rocks - a circle was drilled into the the rock with a special cutter (behind me), and then a small charge of gunpowder placed underneath it to loosen it. The rocks were shipped all over North America and used to grind logs into pulp for making paper. 

Thanks again to Mary for hosting Mosaic Monday.


  1. I've seen that water taxi and wondered about where it went - fun to read about it here!

  2. It is about time that old summer showed up!

    Well here's a case of learning something new yet again. I didn't know that probably the stones in all the old paper mills here could be from your corner of the world. Fascinating!

  3. Hi Lorrie
    Another interesting day out, thanks for taking me along once again.
    Have a great week.

  4. Hi Lorrie, If you are tired of the cool weather send to Ontario. It is very hot and rain-less here. Looks like you had a great outing.

  5. Newcastle Island...another place I knew nothing about. Thanks for showing us around!

  6. Another lovely mosaic and very interesting narrative. Thanks, Lorrie. Have a great week!

  7. Hi lorrie

    Love this peek at your weekend!
    Pop on over and learn some good hews! You are my giveaway winner!


  8. I am really enjoying the places you are taking us. Thanks for being such a great hostess.

  9. What a fun day you had. Beautiful mosaic too. V

  10. Glad it has been more summery for you there, Lorrie! This sounds like a fun excursion. Interesting info about those giant rocks!


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