Thursday, July 14, 2011

O Summer, where art Thou?

I know that many people are experiencing extremely hot temperatures. And I sympathize with you. Somewhat. Because hot is not what's happening around here. 

Early Wednesday morning I awoke to lightning flashing in our room followed by thunder rolling and booming in the hills. We rarely get thunderstorms and the sound took me back to Ecuador where they occurred frequently. And then the rain began. And it rained all day. Sometimes hard, sometimes just a drizzle. 

You can see my poor roses are beaten down with the rain. This morning is cloudy, but brightening and I have high hopes for a more summery day.

This cooler weather is great for some things, though. My squash plants are enormous - and under those leaves are many zucchini growing their little hearts out.

The brassicas are doing well, too. I planted my vegetables wherever there was a little space, and this is the view from my office window. It's the first time I've grown brassicas and I'm quite liking it.

Looking more on the bright side of things, this is the first dahlia. Isn't she a beauty? She looks like she's been crying a little, but I think those tears will dry up soon. 

Meanwhile, I'll make myself a cup of tea, put on a sweater and keep plodding away - another essay is in the works, this one in French. 


  1. I do hope summer will arrive at your place soon. After a few days of 112 degree heat index, I am wanting Fall. Your plants look very healthy and I know that comes with care.

  2. You folks really have had a dismal spring and now summer. I hope that some of what remains can be redeemed.

    Beautiful photography. The rose looks like wet tissue paper and the dahlia is wonderful.

    It's been hot and humid, but today is perfection and we're expecting several more just like it. The glory days of summer...

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  4. Lorrie, the dahlia is absolutely stunning! I imagine you peeking under the lush foliage to check on your baby zucchinis and smiling big. It's been raining here in Surrey today, but has been lovely summer whether for the last week and a half. Hope it brightens up for you soon.

  5. Your plants are sooooo perfect. I have no idea what brassicas are...cabbage? You can have some of our heat :)

  6. Lorrie, your garden is looking so healthy and vibrant! I'm kind of enjoying this cooler summer but the grey is getting a tad monotonous.

  7. Oh, wow! Your garden looks so healthy and happy from all the rain! Love the dahlia picture. They are one of my favorites!

  8. Your garden looks wonderful. Could you send some rain my way, mother nature has turned off the tap. Love the dahlia!!!

  9. Good luck with that essay!
    Down here today was cool and drizzly. A perfect April day!

  10. This is just like it's here too. Summer? What summer?

  11. I am smitten with your little garden Lorrie! Yes, we're having quite a mild summer also...but I'm not complaining at all. :)

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