Saturday, July 16, 2011

Summer Indoors

We've had so much rain and cool weather that summer seems like a magic trick gone wrong. 

I wrote the above sentiment on my chalkboard and set it on the mantel as a means of inspiring myself. 

Several years ago Deborah gifted me with some vintage paper. She had it all organized and dated - some sheets from pre-1850. 

I've been storing it all this time, and decided that no one can appreciate it in the closet, so I took some of it, rolled it up and tied it with vintage blue seam binding and placed it in the tall glass container. I like the look of old paper a lot. And the sea shells under glass remind me that surely the sun will shine again and I'll get to the beach. 


  1. How pretty. It is so nice to use things rather than keep them safely put away!
    Thank you for coming in to the swap. I'm hoping we will have a few more people soon.

  2. Yes, the sun will shine again; roses will bloom again; you'll wear shorts again; all will be right with the world. ☺ Gosh, still? Do let us know when all of the above happens.

    Your vignette is lovely with such clean lines. I'm glad that you are going to enjoy your old papers. Excellent idea!

  3. This pretty display should keep you on track until 'summer days' arrive.

  4. I'll try to take some of your summer inspiration away with me, but with all the rain we've's hard!
    We picked cherries in the rain today and they tasted like summer!

  5. What a lovely display ! First I thought it was taken from a magazine... wishing for summer to come back to you !

  6. Surely the sun will shine again! We are doing a lot of waiting this year. Lovely display!


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