Sweet Lavender

"Here's your sweet lavender,
sixteen sprigs a penny,
that you'll find my ladies,
will smell as sweet as any."

Lavender seller's cry, London, England c. 1900

I've always thought that lavender smelled a bit harsh and soapy. However, I'm learning to appreciate it in small doses. This summer, I'm drying my lavender and planning to make sachets for my closets. And I have a friend who places a small lavender pillow beside her pillow to aid in sleep. I might try that, too. 

So today I cut the first harvest from one plant. Lots more to come. Do you like the scent of lavender?


  1. Like you, only in small doses, preferably outdoors. I have learned recently that it does work as a sleep aid because my sister-in-law gave us some essential oil and it knocks us out every time. ☺

    Way more than 16 sprigs in your nice big bundle. Have you ever woven your lavender?

  2. Lavender hasn't always been one of my big favourites, however I have learned to appreciate it more and more. I had the opportunity to have lavender tea one time and that wasn't anything to write home about. It is showy along with my stargazer lilies.
    Thanks for the poem

  3. Lavender is beautiful in the garden but gives me headaches in creams or sachets. Gorgeous photos!

  4. What a cute poem!
    I love lavender too... and I wish I had harvested just one plant - it took me almost 2 hours to do my border, and now my back is killing me!!
    Mine will go to sachets and food (I've been waiting for months to try lavender creme brulee)

  5. Lovely to look at, but I've never been a fan of it's aroma. I am, however, very interested in natural remedies, so I should try to give it another chance.

  6. I love it personally, more so from a plant in the garden than a spray. I can't believe all of that came from one plant...I can only dream...!

  7. I like the scent of lavender very much. For years I have kept lavender water beside my bed in a spray bottle and spray my pillow before going to bed.

  8. Small doses only, too.

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend.
    Hugs, Sharon

  9. Love lavender and have a small fabric bunny stuffed with lavender to place on my pillow.

  10. I do love the smell of lavender! Yes, you should weave some of it! I have a friend (Patty) that does that if you need help. ha! You are blessed to have all of that... you know that, right?

  11. I have grown to love the smell of lavender. Mine died out this year- kind of appropriate-hehe.

    Maybe next year I'll plant more.

    big hugs,

  12. I love lavender in the garden...and in small doses indoors. Too much can be a little overwhelming! Mine is just beginning to bloom.

  13. I love it! I've dried off my early pink lavender, and am just about to cut the later one...if it will stop raining. Your looks such a good colour.

  14. Hi Lorrie, So good to get a comment from you. I love your lovely place in the world. I also love lavender and would love to be able to grow it. I need to research how well it would do in the Southern US.

  15. I love lavender, but can't seem to grow it here? I also heard that lavender is a good sleep aide,,,you can spritz it on your pillows ( essence oil) Your pictures are beautiful and the strawberry salad in your recent post looks delicious!! Have a wonderful day! It is very windy here today,,,,I may take a trip into Red Deer, since its not much of an outside day....

  16. Lavender certainly helps me sleep but in essential oil form. Just have to make sure not too much though as one can then wake with a headache.

    I too need to get harvesting some of my lavender for sachets. They keep clothes moths away as well as smelling good. Have had lots of torrential rain which has stopped me harvesting as well as being away.

  17. Oh Lorrie, this lavender is beautiful. I've got my own one, but your images are just simply wonderful! The color, the arrangement, I can smell the scent!

  18. I love lavender when it is growing outside, but it is a bit strong for me inside. I've just discovered your blog via another that I visit. It's great to meet another Canadian blogger. We have family that live on Vancouver Island and we'll be visiting later in the Fall. Enjoy the weekend.


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