Tuesday, July 05, 2011

The Trail Less Hiked

During our weekend camping trip, Tim and went on a number of walks. We were heading towards the falls one afternoon when Tim noticed a faint trail leading off into the woods, steeply downwards.

Never one to pass by a challenge, he suggested we take it. "Suggested" as in, he started hiking down the trail. I could either follow or go on alone. I followed.

The trail became very steep - I was skittering down with my hands on the ground to avoid tumbling in an awkward bundle to the bottom.

We finally arrived at the river, well below the falls. Few people come this way (I wonder why?), so I like to think that I was rewarded by vistas not many get to see. I do know that I never saw another Sitka Columbine (photo above) anywhere else. It's usually worth it to strike out a little bit off the beaten track, even if I'm a bit cranky about some of the inconveniences.

Of course, getting back ON to the trail proved interesting. We didn't return back the way we came, but followed the river upstream to the lower bridge over the falls (no trail), then clambered back up to the trail, to be met by a chain link fence, which Tim hopped gracefully over, and I managed to climb over, decidedly less elegantly.


  1. What a fun adventure. I never have seem to wear the proper shoes when hiking opportunities arise but it sounds like you were prepared.

  2. That is a beautiful columbine. Very. Yes. Nice. However, in my world and by my code of ethics, that would be the last "follow" I would ever do. "Faretheewell, Fair Prince," I'd say and catch him further down the line. ;D You're a brave one, Mrs. Tim!

  3. I'd say the columbine shot was worth it in itself . . . oh to be able to strike out on some less-hiked trails. You have such interesting and well-told adventures, Lorrie.

  4. The best stuff is off the beaten path. The flower is an interesting beauty.

  5. The columbine is beautiful - I'll bet it was worth the hike!

  6. Sounds like a fun weekend. Did you eat bread on a stick?

    The columbine is beautiful.

  7. Love the columbine, thanks for the pic. I love hiking and haven't been in awhile, but I'm going to change that.

  8. Well done you for being so adventurous, the flower is stunning.
    I don't suppose I'd ever see one myself in the wild so thanks for sharing it and for clambering over the fence so that I don't have to!.

  9. I think I might have done the same adventure just to get a glimpse of this flower. I hear you on the lets do already gone idea.

    We have hiked the bush, it is never the same going back, you take an easy trail there, and it becomes hard on the way back.

  10. I like your your sense of adventure...blazing your own trail. Glad you made it over the chain link fence...graceful or not!

  11. Sounds real fun and looks steep. Great to get views that one would not get on the beaten track.

    We found this so in Switzerland when hiring bikes.

  12. Anonymous5:59 AM

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