Friday, September 20, 2013

A Garden Visit

August sped by without a visit to Butchart Gardens, and I wasn't going to let September go the same. This morning, clouds covered the sky. Rain is in the forecast for the weekend. I decided to make the most of the moment and go.

There was a lot of summer colour left, and the vanilla scent of heliotrope wafted upwards. The Rose Garden, not as lush as in June, still had blossoms a-plenty. 

But the move to autumn has begun. Leaves are sparse on some trees, others are coloured.

Some borders have been planted with warm-toned mums and others blooms, like the orange above.


The structure of the garden is beginning to show through the thinning foliage. Even a flower's seed head has an elegant beauty.

But my favourite flower of the visit - this pretty pink rose dangling down from an archway. Carefree, she seems to say, "Autumn's coming and that's just fine!"

To make up for my outing this morning, I'll be finishing up the laundry, cleaning bathrooms, dusting, vacuuming and making soup. And I think there will be a little autumn decor inserted here and there. Happy Friday to you.


  1. It is indeed still very beautiful there, Lorrie. The photo of the red tree against the green background is stunning and I love the moss covered tree in the first photo. Our trees are turning a lot this week and usually peak is around Thanksgiving so I hope they hang on a while longer. Enjoy the weekend.

  2. So you made it! Well done! The heart and soul must be cared for too, so good for you for making time. I am sitting waiting for the rows ahead to move off the plane now that we have landed. missing Victoria already ......,,,,,

  3. Looks like a fabulous time to go for a visit....
    it is brightening up a bit here now so maybe the rain will not appear.
    Hope you have a great weekend Lorrie.

  4. I miss the colorful Japanese maples as they turn towards Autumn...

    But your photos make up for it immensely.


  5. So pretty...September in Butchart Gardens. I love the vibrant oranges!

    We walked Minter Gardens yesterday...the grands and I. That's a little sad...knowing my walks in the lovely place are soon coming to an end.

  6. I've never been there, but it looks so pretty in the late summer, even with the decline of some of it's plantings. Glad you found the time to go.

  7. Butchart is beautiful all year long, love the twisty tree in the first photo.

  8. Simply exquisite...I am glad that this garden is not closing. There is something magical (Narnia magical) in the scarlet of an autumn leaf. That was one beautiful photo! They all were... It must have given you a boost to get all the housekeeping and decorating done.

  9. Oh that first photo is stunning - it should be framed and hung! And the rose too - and the seed heads - I love them all. Our rain started here at 7:15 - why can they be so accurate on rain and not so accurate on sunshine? - so it should be reaching you anytime now. I'm glad you took the trip to the gardens - I've enjoyed each visit! We are planning a quiet, around-the-house weekend, maybe a treat of popcorn tomorrow evening while we listen to the rain on the skylights.

  10. How lucky you are Lorrie have the world renowned Butchart garden close by.

    The rose garden still looks good so late in the season and the blue larkspurs are wonderful.
    I imagine there is beauty in every season in this great garden - similar to the Royal Botanic Kew Garden in London.

    have a happy weekend
    Shane x

  11. WOW...wonderful eye candy, Lorrie! The colors are so vibrant & fresh. I don't know of a similar garden around here like that....perhaps in Pittsburgh, maybe. I'll have to investigate as I would LOVE to spend a day surrounded by such beauty.

    Thanks for sharing your visit & thanks again for your prayers for my family.

  12. There are very few things I enjoy more than a walk through a garden. Thank you so much for bringing us along. I love that you personify roses - I do that to plants too.

  13. Oh Lorrie I always love your visit to the gardens. I can't wait for the day that I will finally get to visit.

    I hope you have a week as beautiful as you are!

  14. Thanks for sharing, Lorrie, Love that final rose especially.

  15. Hi Lorrie,

    How magnificent it all is! Gorgeous colour, beautiful blooms, all in one lovely and charming garden! Simply breathtaking photos of Butchart Garden, where I have never been, and so glad you took us along!

    Happy Autumn!


  16. Gorgeous! I just love any season at Butchart Gardens. Thanks for sharing this wonderful place.

  17. That garden is such a treasure and you are so lucky to live close to it! Thank you for giving us another peek!


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