Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekend Doings

They say Canadians talk an awful lot about the weather. We certainly have done so since Saturday. Oh, the rain. And the wind. The Great Wet has begun (as my daughter wrote.) But I ventured out, undeterred because ....

 One of these things is not like the others. The Mennonite Girls Who Cook were in town for a book signing at Ten Thousand Villages. What fun to meet 6 of them in person. Here's a photo of yours truly with Lovella, Judy, and Anneliese. Such a gracious group of ladies. I wish we could have visited longer. 

I met up with an aunt and uncle at the signing. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that my aunt (by marriage) is a cousin of Judy's. We're practically related. Judy also taught Sunday School to my nephews.

We spent two cozy evenings by the fire - the first of the season. I'm looking forward to more. There's nothing like a wood fire for ambiance.


  1. Hi Lorrie,

    That does look like a cold, dismal rain for sure. The weather is still nice here, but do you know everyone around our area is saying that the Farmer's Almanac predicts a very cold winter here in the U.S. Yikes. We have a wood burning fireplace in our house, as well, and it really is so cozy and cheerful on a cold day or night.

    How neat that you got to meet the Mennonite cooks! I have heard of that cookbook. I hope you have a great week, Lorrie!


    Denise at Forest Manor

  2. Oh fun! What a beautiful group of gals. You learned all over again that it's a small world! (I heard that it was crazy rain over the weekend.)

    Cozy by the fire sounds so fine...we are back in a heat wave...80F tomorrow...good for the oil bill.

  3. Delightful!!

    Let's see...I met Vee who met Judy who met you... Does that make us related? (It is a small world though, isn't it? I love blogging!)

    Enjoy your cozy fire. That sounds delightful too.

  4. How fun to meet 3 of the MGCC girls! I enjoyed meeting Judy in July. Oh, it is raining hard there, but your fireplace makes it look very cozy.

  5. Looks like you had a great Saturday! And.... love your fireplace! It's still HOT here! Would love if it was cool enough for a fire! Enjoy!

  6. I've met Anneliese and Lovella on a book tour and signing, and I know that Judy has met Vee and so have I's a lovely, lovely small world!

    I am wanting to get their new cookbook - it looks lovely!


  7. The Great Wet - I love it!
    I'm sure the visit with the MG's was a sunny spot in the rainy weekend.

  8. Lovely weekend - and a cozy fire too.

  9. I met the "GIRLS" too, at book signings. What delightful ladies! I guess that makes us ....Pamela, you, Vee, Deanna, me, etc. etc., part of a groupie group .....!
    Love your cosy fireplace!

  10. Well your rain is good for many special things too - the loveliest of the island landscape, the cleanliness of the city and countryside, the flowers and trees - just as I recall my early years in wet England! Here in NC we are still very warm during the daylight hours, but no humidity so comfortable, and the nights and early mornings are much cooler - lovely weather. When home from this upcoming trip I'll be lighting our wood fire too - love a fire in the hearth of an evening.

    Glad you had a lovely time with the gals.
    I'm off tomorrow and according to the forecast we may be fortunate and have good weather in Budapest, Vienna and Prague - fingers crossed because sightseeing is so much more enjoyable without rain.

    Will try to keep up with your always lovely posts Lorrie - forgive me if commenting is not possible.
    Hugs - Mary

  11. So glad you got to meet some of the "girls"! What a fun discovery you made about Judy. We've been enjoying our heat sources these last few days!

  12. It's so cool to see bloggers in pictures together! It is such a neat way to bring people together and I have you to thank! Melissa starting her blog about her journey with Colin is how it all started.... So glad you got to visit with the ladies and yes, fireside weather is starting for sure!

  13. The Great Wet. I think I"ll be borrowing that expression!

    Thanks for coming out on Saturday. It was so nice to meet you...though it almost seemed like we had met before and were just carrying on where we left off! So many connections. Almost related...for sure!

    It's looking mighty cozy over there. Our furnace has been on these last few days...and I'm looking for socks and sweatshirts!

  14. Hi Lorrie,

    Thanks for stopping by and THANK YOU for showing the Mennonite Girls. I love their blog and have used many of their recipes for family gatherings...and you're related to Judy!

    Happy October,


  15. I am sure the rain plays a key factor in the beauty to be found in your region, although I must admit I was glad the sun was shining during our recent visit.
    Your fire looks very cozy and inviting. Just the thing to chase the chill and gloom away.
    How fun that you were able to meet the MGCC gals. Great picture of all of you and the connection you and Judy made is so interesting.

  16. It was so nice to talk face to face last weekend! Thank you for taking the time to come out to TTV.

  17. Glad you liked the "Great Wet". It might stick. Count on you to play the Mennonite Game and come up with a relation every time.

  18. Along our travels we have met so many wonderful people and find many neat connections. It was really nice to meet you at TTV in Victoria. Thanks for coming out and sharing a visit.

  19. Along our travels we have met so many wonderful people and find many neat connections. It was really nice to meet you at TTV in Victoria. Thanks for coming out and sharing a visit.

  20. The Great Wet - LOL! Cozying up to a fire sounds like a good idea. And I'm glad you had a chance to meet those authors!


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