Thursday, September 19, 2013


There`s not much time left in summer. The cosmos on my kitchen windowsill are dropping pollen everywhere and it`s time to pitch them. We're in that in-between stage when summer has a hard time leaving and autumn is impatiently waiting. Summer, you've been so lovely. Have a good rest. We'll see you next year.

Did you know that brass and other warm metals are coming back into fashion in home decor. That's a good thing, although my brass-toned lamps have graced the living room all through the silver-colored nickel stage. Sometimes I think interior decorators are in cahoots with retailers to insist that we all need to have the latest decor or we risk looking "dated" - oh horrors! 
Today I brought out the brass bowl from Ecuador and placed in it the fabric apples I made last year (see the sidebar for the tutorial.) I'm tentatively putting out a few autumn themed items, although I never go overboard. But I'll give a nod to the season.

Speaking of between, have you read this book? Dear. Me. I loved it, but you'll notice the box beside the book. Make sure you have one handy. I cried and cried. In fact, I hardly slept that night for thinking about the book. Which is quite ridiculous because it's "just a story."

Beautifully written, but tragic. For me, it brought to the forefront the agony and desperation of infertility, the stories we tell ourselves to justify our actions, and finally, the quiet redemption that does not bring restoration. Would I recommend it? Yes, but keep that box of tissues handy. Have you read it? I'd love to know your thoughts.



  1. I have heard lots about that book, have put it on my to read list.

  2. Another blogger recommended that book this summer but I haven't read it. I agree about the interior decorators and retailers. I think we should generally decorate our homes with things we love and not worry so much about what the current fad is. For instance, I'd love to go all white in my decor like the fad has been the past 4 years but I love a bit of colour and warmth so I chose a soft green sofa and gold chairs. It still works and it will come back again. I like your brass bowl and the cute apples. Perfect for fall. Blessings, Pam

  3. The book sounds intriguing! It might be hard for me to read if there is no restoration after the redemption. i do like things to end well. We recently replaced our brass chandelier with a dark brass one --if that's the word for it. It was so cheap I felt OK doing it. But I do see brass here and there. My DIL insists it's not like the old brass, more a darkened version such as our new chancy. But I have my brass candlesticks out on the mantle for fall! And I noticed when I was at a lamp store this week there was only one brushed nickel chandelier, and all the rest were this dark (burnished) stuff or--well I guess that is what they all are. I think you are right, the same with clothing styles. If styles never changed, there would be no market for new paint, clothes, decor, etc. And change does keep it all interesting, but I love keeping the old classics and seeing them come BACK !!!

  4. I must look for this book, your description and the cover have tweaked my interest. Fortunately we buy tissues by the case so have plenty in stock just waiting for some good old sniffles and tears!!

    I just love the apples you made Lorrie - when my hands return to normal and I can sew again I would love to make these.

    I think I gifted all my brass knick knacks many years ago when I found shiny or patinaed silver, and old pewter, looked better with my color scheme. I do think it's all a ploy with the decorators and retailers ganging up to get people to change everything in their home every few years - i other words give them our hard earned money! I'm totally in agreement regarding using what is meaningful and affordable to you. As you know, most of my furniture has seen better days (thank goodness for slip covers), but is sturdy and comfy, and almost all my accessories come from antiques and thrift shops. I feel my little cottage home looks fine without spending enormous amounts on keeping up with the big retailers at the mall - and I must admit I like the quirky and unusual around me, and enjoy when people stop, look and question an out of the ordinary object!

    Happy weekend - hope the arrival of Autumn will be lovely in Victoria.
    Hugs - Mary

    P.S. I have just purchased a new recliner for Bob - he's about to go through the bottom of the current one! New one is much nicer leather.................and will be his Xmas gift.......for the next 5 years, LOL! Men and those darned recliners!!!!

  5. Thank you for the warning! I am trying to stay far far away from sad stories. In fact, I had to set a book aside recently because my throat ached every time I read it. Some of them are so beautifully written...

    These closing summer days...also a bit depressing.

  6. Per your recommendation, I just put the book on hold at my local library. There is a waiting list though, so I may have to wait some time for a good cry. A book that moves you to tears is usually a good book.

    Love your fabric apples!

  7. I do like your apples! They don't look like they will go out of style anytime soon. :-)

  8. Oh, I am so behind on my reading. I will have to get to this one.

    I just decorate with what we like, and don't worry about trends or what's in or out. We seem to have created a warm and welcoming place so we'll tweak it a bit here and there, and freshen up the paint as needed, but otherwise we are quite at home!


  9. As soon as I've commented I'll put it on hold at the GVPL - I love a good recommendation!
    Like you, I never put away my brass and copper - it's all there, where it's always been. I like the look of its soft glow, especially in the winter. Are we back in style? It was only a matter of time!

  10. I truly love your apples..they are my fav :)
    Love x

  11. I gave it to my daughter last Christmas and want to borrow it back. She didn't seem as struck by it as I'd hoped . . . now I'll have to read it and see if that might just be a personality or a generational difference. . . .I bought it for her because I'd read a number of responses such as yours.

  12. Thank you for the book recommendation. I just put a hold on it at the library. Given there are 15 people ahead of me, it may be a bit of a wait!

    It looks like I may have to bring out the brass candlesticks and such. Your apples in the bowl look wonderful, Lorrie.


  13. I'm not a big fan of autumn or the colors - but I love decorating - so I printed out the tutorial for the fabric apples - that would be perfect - especially for Washington - apples, apples everywhere.

  14. I haven't read this book, but it sounds like one I would enjoy.
    I just finished The Orchid House and loved it.

  15. I think I'll pass on the book. I need cheery things to read these days, not sad ones. And brass is coming back in to fashion? Yes, the designers are in cahoots with the retailers, LOL.


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