Wednesday, September 04, 2013

A Mixed Bag

White rocks and one piece of sea glass brought from French Beach on Sunday. I'm so glad we decided to go that day since we've had rain and clouds ever since. This week has been a bit of this and that - a part-time job teaching French I was hoping for didn't come to pass (it was posted just last week, so a very short time frame for beginning class.) So I'll keep on as a teacher on call. 

In the spring we planted some fruit trees - 2 or 3 years old. We were told they wouldn't bear fruit this first year and to not encourage it. I pulled most of the few blossoms off, but left one apple on each tree. We'll have a taste testing tonight for dessert. One Liberty and one Akane.

I can hardly believe it's been three years since our youngest's wedding day. What a sunshine-filled day it was! Happy Anniversary to the globe-trotters. They are back from Ecuador and settling into life on the mainland once again.

I've been canning tomatoes and salsa, pickling green beans (thanks to Mater for the idea), freezing pesto, and doing some sewing. Stitching by hand is what's appealing to me these days - a measured and contemplative activity - good for prayer and pondering. Much to think about these days with world events near and far being what they are.


  1. Your apples look wonderful...
    I am impressed by your culinary skills.

    I collect white beach glass and have it in a vintage old fashioned Ball Sealer the guest room.
    Canning is a skill that Mother never passed on to me and one I have never learned.
    Perhaps I'll learn now I have certainly inspire me!

  2. That piece of sea glass might be as good as a message in a bottle, if you could figure out the deep meaning of "20."
    And your apples! The firstfruits - they are awfully pretty and I hope they both taste good too.

  3. I'm drooling over that last photo..what a gorgeous couple.

    And the thought of pickled anything, oh delish.

    I always found that the end of summer marks a creative start again, must be the subtle change of season.


  4. Your rocks and glass are wonderful. I love going beach combing.

  5. Some pray and sew. Others pretend that all is well. Sigh.

    Love that photo of the beautiful bride and the handsome groom...

    Oh that's right! School is in and you could disappear at any time on us. = D

  6. That is a beautiful bride and groom, I must say too.
    It sounds like your days are just what should be happening right now.
    Absolutely love find sea glass, what a nice piece you found.
    New fruit trees are such a treat. Enjoy the tasting.

  7. The seaglass has the number 20 on it. Cool. Yay for apples on your new trees. I hope they are tasty. I've never heard of the varieties before. Are they old or new varieties? What a gorgeous photo of your daughter and her husband. It looks like it's from a movie or magazine! You've been very busy.

  8. All lovely pictures......... I cannot imagine having my own apple tree! Glad the happy couple is back home...

  9. Wow your two apples are quite nice!

  10. Praying here too...lots of prayers needed.
    We have a Liberty apple too--can hardly wait to eat some:)

  11. We planted a Liberty apple tree this year! So excited to have fruit in a few years! Your photo of bride and groom is wonderful - happy anniversary to them.

    You are right there is lots to ponder and much to pray about!


  12. Hope both apples were good!

    happy anniversary to your son and daughter-in-law!

    I have much to pray for lately ... God blesses those who ask for His help!

  13. We are going to plant an apple tree this fall - Gravenstein - I can't wait for the apples, but I guess I'll have to. The wedding photo is great.

  14. One of the great pleasures of living on the Island is walking on the beach and bringing home a treasure or two each time.
    Your apples are good looking! We have had a bad year for apples, the deer having been at the trees a lot, breaking branches and eating everything in reach. Plums were good this year, though, as I was quick enough to get to them before the raccoons did.

  15. Love your treasures. We did let our new apple tree bear fruit in its first year and the weight of the fruit during a windy night caused two of the branches to break off. We thought it might die but it didn's and this year the remaining branches have been culled a little and we now have a lovely crop of perfect apples - the tree is a rather peculiar shape though! Lots of praying need in our world just now.

  16. Anonymous4:25 AM

    Oh I love French Beach! I pick up rocks too when we visit beaches, we get the perfectly oval ones and I'm filling a jar with them. Your apples look delicious and the wedding photo is beautiful - love that!!

  17. Hello - what a joy to see your beautiful blog . I'm not been here for ages , I don't know why .

  18. I like the thought of a beautiful woman of faith, stitching by hand, and praying for the world sitting in her home in Canada.

  19. What a delightful photo of the youngest's wedding day! Love it. Makes me think I've stepped back in time...
    We are having thunder, lightning and huge downpours right now down here in the Seattle area.

  20. We loved mixed bag posts... just like life... some of this and some of that that adds such richness, depth and colour to our lives.

    What a beautiful old car for the wedding... must have been a lot of fun.

  21. Live that newly married-on our way photo!

    Your apple harvest is PERFECT for the holiday today. Slice then and dip in honey and Celebrate!

  22. I love the wedding photo, they looked so happy! Over in England we are having a bit of a heatwave which doesn't help people like me who are ready for the autumn! Enjoy the rest of the week xx

  23. I love getting credit for the pickled beans without ever having done them myself -- still hoping my brother will share a jar of his legendary ones!


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