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I'm going to rant a little in this post. All over blog land (and in stores) I see a rush to decorate for fall, cook for fall, dress for fall. Um, has anyone checked the calendar? Autumn begins officially after the Equinox on September 22. It's not fall yet! Not while we can blow bubbles on the lawn.

Not while we can dress in our little tops and wander down a pathway enthralled with stones, acorns, and yellow lines.

Not while we pick late-crop raspberries in the mornings for our yogurt and granola.

Not while summer light casts evening shadows across the water and pots of geraniums stand brightly on decks. No, it's not autumn yet. It's the in-between season. We had one of the warmest, if not THE warmest day of the summer yesterday. Autumn is coming. The signs are there. But I'm clinging to summer's last beauty. No autumn decor for me yet. 

There. I feel better. 
How do you feel about rushing the seasons?


  1. ROFL! Ha! As if you don't know!

    Yesterday (and today, too) are flukes. Heretofore, the weather has been perfectly autumnal so I'm inclined to go with the feel. The irony is not lost on me that I did some minor autumn tweaking on the hottest day of summer. Oh and that awkward preposiition thing? I'm with Winston on this: That is the kind of rule up with which I will not put. (Or something close to that anyway.) Thanks for the fun and keep right on clinging to summer!

  2. We had a really hot day yesterday too right along there with Vee as we are pretty well 'next door' to each other. lol And yes, I've decorated for fall already. I certainly don't like rushing the seasons and especially summer, my favourite season of all, but, I enjoy the fall colours in my decor so I did it. :) It's warm and muggy again today and by the time we get all this rain out of the way by Sunday it will feel like fall for sure. Sweet pictures of your granddaughters. The last photo is beautiful! Enjoy your summer days.

  3. Well, to start with, I don't like autumn, at all. I adore summer, we have the most fabulous ones here in the coastal Pacific Northwest - why in the world would I want a season of dead leaves, colder temperatures, rain rain rain to come? I want summer for as long as possible - plus I don't care at all for autumn colors - give me the vibrant colors of summer - the soft colors of spring - the stark colors of winter - but please, please, don't color me autumn.

    I want summer to last forever, temperatures in the mid to high 70s, soft breezes, long nights on the deck (we've seen only three mosquitoes this year), walks along the beach in the sunshine, moons and bright stars in the clear summer night skies - oh I do love summer so - please don't rush into autumn - I'm too happy for that right now.

  4. I totally agree with you!!! And don't get me started on decorating for Christmas while it is yet fall (that would be until Dec 21...) and it REALLY irks me when the decorations come down before Christmas tide ends on Ephiphany, Jan. 6.

    The countries who have the full 12 days of Christmas really give families time to rejoice and visit. The North American 48 hour window of Christmas Eve/Christmas day equals a lot of stress and family squabbles and worn out kids who were amped up for just those hours. Sheesh...early decorating and fast take down is like having tons of baby showers, seeing the baby ONE DAY, then not giving a rip about the baby afterwards.

    My more than 2 cents.

  5. Well, I'm not displeased at the thought of cooler days, it's not summer anymore, but you're right, not autumn yet. Here we have cold mornings but it can get very warm in the day.
    I was horrified to see on the FB wall of a friend in Texas that they already had Christmas decorations on display in stores !

  6. I really try to not rush the seasons but to enjoy each season for what it is, and what it brings to us. Since we had such a cool summer, other than July, and though the last several days have been hot, we are seeing and feeling Autumn weather.

    I put up some Autumn decor this week, as I will be heading to Florida this weekend for a week of work at my mother in law's home, and when we get back it will be Autumn! Sometimes we have to get stuff done while we can or it may not get done!

    Enjoy your last week of summer and those beautiful grands!


  7. Anonymous12:38 PM

    I so agree with you, everything is rushed these days ... let's enjoy what we are experiencing right now ... we are having record breaking temperatures for this time of year.

  8. Absolutely with you on this one! Especially since the non-air-conditioned rooms I'm teaching in were way over 30 degrees this week. I'm actually considering taking another dip in the ocean tonight, in honour of the LAST Whole Week of summer that we still have ahead.

  9. No time like the present! I am hanging onto summer with ya!

  10. Ooops! Maybe my pumpkin post today was a bit early (thanks for comment) come to think of it! The pumpkins are coming in though and to get those non-orange ones I must move fast, LOL!!!


  11. No I won't be rushing Autumn, but the prediction is for rain next week. Right when I decide to spend a week at the beach. I just know we will have some more warm days, but hope not as warm as yesterday. Yes, soon enough Autumn will be here.

  12. Here in the Mid-Atlantic, it's hard to soak up the remaining summer days because we are soaking with sweat! We have rather hot summers, but it's the humidity that really gets you. So the promise of cooler, drier days is exciting stuff!

    Hope you eke out every bit of your lovely summer...geraniums, raspberries, and outdoor time with those darling grand-girlies!

  13. We are of a mind on this, Lorrie. I don't understand the mad frenzy of anticipation that fizzles out when the real thing arrives. This is especially irksome when Christmas appears everywhere, especially in Blogdom, way too early and then the same frenzied Christmas decorators are exclaiming their need to 'tear' it all out on boxing day. I like to live a little more 'in the moment'.

  14. I'm with you. Let's not hurry fall. I'm just loving summer!

  15. Let's just live in the moment and not dash ahead too fast into autumn and winter. Every season has its beauty and I'd hate to live anywhere where the weather was always hot or always wet or whatever I love the changes and especially these gentle transition days we are having just now. The fact that autumn is just around the corner and we must make the most of the fine days we get only adds to their beauty I feel. Lovely photos and thoughtful prose and isn't it interesting to hear the thoughts of bloggers living in different climates to ours (I say ours as yours seems to be quite similar to ours).

  16. I feel the same way about rushing the seasons. It irks me, to be honest. Fall is bad enough, but when I see Christmas stuff everywhere, my head wants to explode.

  17. It's fall here , but days are warm like in summer . This is been longest warmest and more beautiful summer ever . Started in May (it was mothers day )and it's stil like summer , but the trees are yellow and red and so .

  18. I agree! Let's enjoy summer while it's still here.
    (sshhh.. would you believe I saw Christmas decor in Costco last week! What is that all about?)

  19. Here in the PNW, we have definitely made the shift to a more fall-like weather and light pattern now(except for some unusually hot days this week), so seeing autumn themed posts seems rather natural, as I am seeing the leaves change around me and kids are back in school. But I enjoy photos of late summer too as I know we will sooner than later have gray, rainy weather and I will miss the blue skies and flowers of summer.
    What really irritates me though is the rush, by stores, into Christmas. I hate that they have so commercialized it!

    PS: LOVED your summery photos---

  20. We don't have autumn decor out yet either. It was very warm here all week. I'm all for NOT pushing the season, otherwise it's too easy to lose the gift of the present.

    Litte Miss Cutey-Pie blowing bubbles...too sweet!

  21. Here in Brazil, by the middle of October (Springtime), we can see ALL the shops adorned for Christmas. IRK!!! When Christmas Day comes, we are all fed up with it. And as you finished doing the dishes after Christmas lunch, it's already time for Carnaval music (ha!). Then people complain that "time is running fast." Of course, you morons!!!

  22. I'm with you, Even tho it has been so hot here and I wish it was a bit cooler, I am enjoying Summer still. Here in Montana we have plenty of time to embrace the changing leaves and the cold weather so I do not rush into it. I decorate for Halloween on Oct 1st. No sooner. :) Kit

  23. Rant away, I understand! It seems like so sooner that the 4th of July was over and I started seeing tons of pins on Pintertest for fall decorating, LOL. The weather has turned cooler today (YEAH!), and I went ahead and put up a fall swag over the front door. I also decorated the hall table with a fall display. I didn't do much, but I wanted to do some for DH's arrival back home.


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