Friday, September 27, 2013

At the End of the Week

At the end of the week I take a mental note of what I've done. It's nothing very elaborate, but I like to think I've accomplished SOMETHING between Monday and Friday. Our weather has ranged from merely cloudy to gorgeous sunshine to socked in rain. Soup was on the menu - a Ginger Chicken Soup that I've made many times.

Our youngest daughter had a birthday yesterday, and although we celebrated together a couple of weeks ago, I sent over a little parcel for her to open "on-the-day." Another needlebook. I do enjoy working with felt and having something to stitch on in the evenings. Ashley's in her second year of fashion design school and is learning couture sewing techniques these days. A needlebook just might come in handy.

I completed (almost - eagle eyes will notice the last bit of binding at the top needs stitching down) this quilt for Little Miss S. I made an activity quilt when she was born, but wanted to make another, a little larger one. I've decided I love choosing the fabrics and piecing them together but the quilting is not so enjoyable. I do love stitching the binding on by hand. Perhaps if I ever make a really elaborate quilt I'll get it professionally quilted. This one is just machine quilted on the diagonal. I expect these quilts I make for the little ones to be used, dragged around and loved. I'd be pleased if they wore them out.

So that's been my week - along with working in the library yesterday. I covered new books, one kind of covering for paperbacks, another for hardcovers. It's like arts and crafts day at work. I'd rather teach, but since no one is getting sick over there, I'll take what I can.

We're in for a rainy weekend so coziness is in order. But I'll put on my boots and raincoat to go down to Ten Thousand Villages tomorrow to meet some of the Mennonite Girls from MGCC

What's your week been like?


  1. Lovely needlebook and it does sound as if it will be put to good use. I don't like quilting either...not on the machine and not by hand. If I make the grands a quilt, I'll be tying it and calling it good. A day of putting on book covers sounds like a couple if hours if fun and four if not so much.

    I'm so excited about you MGCC adventure this weekend. Have fun!

    1. of fun...

      your MGCC adventure

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  3. OMG, you've been busy! And I see that you are getting some practice in food photography, LOL. Looks delicious. And I adore little needle books like that! Felt is so fun to work with. And a beautiful quilt too! OK, just seeing the results of all of work has made me tired.

  4. Soup looks yummy, quilt is fabulous and the needle book is very whimsical. You've been a very busy girl. I have too but I can't say I have as much too show for my activities.Have a great weekend, Lorrie!

  5. Love Ten Thousand Villages, but haven't been to one in quite a long time.
    The needlebook and the quilt are both just lovely and would be appreciated I am sure.
    Yes, it is soup weather now, scarves, boots, socks, and coats coming out of storage.

  6. Today I went looking for my batch of felt to try to make one of your little felt things but alas I must have given it away! It's gone. Or at least not where it should be. I remember you saying it should be a good felt, not the cheaper kind. It looks like you accomplished a lot this week. Isn't something how we evaluate our accomplishments--I think of that each day. I hope you have a good weekend!

  7. It appears as though you had a very productive week, Lorrie.
    The soup looks scrumptious. I have checked out the recipe and found it contains some "new to me" ingredients (red curry and fish sauce). Perhaps it is time for me to try them in this soup. I am always trying to add more fresh ginger into my diet for it's anti-inflammation properties.
    The needle book and quilt are both so pretty. I know your daughter and granddaughter will be thrilled to receive them.
    Have a wonderful time at the MGCC signing. I will be thinking of you all with fond memories of my visit there.

  8. Someone has been a very creative busy bee! I was thinking of you yesterday while watching the new Hallmark Channel show~ Cedar Cove. It is filmed in beautiful B.C.

  9. Beautiful quilt! I know a little girl who will love it.

  10. Anonymous4:21 AM

    Hello Lorrie! Your soup recipe looks good - I bet the coconut milk, ginger and lime in there make it so yummy! Your needlebook and quilt look great too, very thoughtful gifts!

  11. You fit in a surprising wealth of activities in one week! I love that little quilt -- decades ago, I made twin-size ones for my daughters -- crazy-work patchwork quilt (does anyone else call it that? do you know what I mean?) and one that was just 2-inch stripes of broadcloth in the colours of the rainbow. The former was hand-embroidered round every patch, but otherwise all was machine sewn. I've often wished to try some handquilting, but I think the bulkiness of the project might be a challenge. A smaller project like yours -- or perhaps just a pillow top -- has more appeal. Ah, well, I'll put it on the Someday List. It's a loooooong list.

  12. It sounds like a busy idle hands in you house!
    I like the patterns and colours that you chose for th quilt.
    I've started knitting a new baby blanket and yesterday I baked about 6 dozen cookies to give to my family.
    Hunker down as the storm is almost upon us.

  13. That soup sounds delicious. It really is soup weather here in the Northwest! Wish I could have been at TTV with the girls this weekend. Glad you went...

  14. It really is getting to be soup weather and yours looks delicious.

  15. Hi Lorrie,

    I love the needlebook and quilt you made!! The bright blue and yellows in the quilt are so cheerful. :) I'm impressed that your daughter is studying fashion design and learning couture sewing! I just learned to use a sewing machine this past spring. I'm 53 this month, and I decided better late than never on learning to sew.

    I didn't realize you have a recipe blog, so I'm following that as well. I look forward to seeing all your recipes.

    Have a great week, Lorrie!

    Denise at Forest Manor


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