Monday, September 16, 2013

Listening to Nature

Yesterday afternoon, thunder rumbled a warning, "Hurry."

So I did. But I still arrived home from my walk drenched and in need of a change of clothing.

This morning, the clouds whispered, "Soon."

So I went into the garden and picked two bowls of tomatoes, 8 squash (butternut and delicata), a huge basket of basil, a few carrots, and a cup or so of raspberries. I tore vines from the ground to place in the compost bin, closed one side of the tomato house, and ate a few small blueberries.

"It's coming," drowsed the bees sleeping soundly in the dahlia. 

So I clipped a bouquet of cosmos, 

and one of dahlias. Ready or not, Autumn is coming soon. Are you ready?



  1. Sadly, I always feel that I haven't fully enjoyed each season of the year before it is passing. But then, every day of the year brings a little change, doesn't it? I guess it all comes down to our finiteness - we aren't capable of soaking up an infinite "amount" of Summer or Fall or all that we come in contact with in one day. Being able to pick vegetables and flowers and to get wet from a sudden shower certainly softens the edge of that reality, and it's lovely to see images of your happy afternoon!

  2. Yes, I'm ready now, though still bare-legged!

  3. I love this post Lorrie, things are getting ready for the changing season including people with their coats coming out of storage and boots. We have been harvesting and pruning like crazy before the season really starts. We were told years ago by a farmer neighbour that the more you do in the autumn, the less you do in the spring. Ever since we have lived by that rule. Enjoy the rest of your week and your harvest. Chel x

  4. Oh you made it sound ominous. I think that there'll be frost tonight and I am going to try babying the flowers along and the tomatoes, too. We'll see how that goes. You have quite a harvest and a lovely bouquet!

  5. That's a great lead up to autumn Lorrie. I'm still hanging on to summer and my plants. We have another frost warning tonight so I covered some things up and put my NG Impatiens in the garage. I'll soon have to clean things up too. Your flowers are beautiful. I love the photo of the sleeping bees.

  6. I suppose I'm ready - that thunder last night sure was a warning. When it passed over us I figured it was headed your way. I have begun fall house cleaning and cleaned up the flowers on the deck too - so I think I'm ready. I have glorious things canned and frozen for the winter - just need to make some nut breads for quick gifts and lovely afternoon teas, to put in the freezer. This is certainly good weather for baking.

    Love the pictures of your bounty.

  7. We were watching the news tonight, and they said that is seemed as if you moved from summer into fall in one night...that's typical of the coastal BC and the Island, isn't it?

    Up here it will be a little more gradual, but the weather has started to change.


  8. Yes! And I have been for some time. A Summer that I am eager to put behind me and I have already started to pull out the sweaters, albeit it cotton ones.
    Thank you for this gorgeous, dreamy post...

  9. Lovely post -- we don't grow much in the way of veggies, but there is still work to do helping the garden transition. . . I'm loving what autumn brings out in the tall grasses, and the startlingly purple berries of the callicarpa are plumping out. Ch-ch-ch-changes. . . .

  10. Well I am not ready yet...
    Your garden must be vast by the look of all the produce that you harvest. I am green with envy.

  11. I'm ready but it won't be arriving here anytime soon. :( How wonderful that you have fresh produce right in your own backyard. Gorgeous images as always. Best wishes, Tammy

  12. Oh gosh, the first photo would work great in the Food Photography photo challenge coming up! (hint, hint, LOL) Yes, I am ready for the cooler weathers. It only got to a high of 76 today, so we enjoyed sitting out on the front porch for a spell in the a.m. and the back porch in the p.m. Delightful!


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