Friday, September 06, 2013

I think Summer's over

I worked in the library at school today. The rain poured down accompanied by thunder and lightning. Most unusual for our region. The library was stuffy and I opened the windows. What lovely, fresh scented air blew through. Flowers are looking bedraggled with rain. 

Now that I'm home, the skies have cleared and there's some sun. Still, I think that summer is packing her bags and leaving. I hope she vacillates a little more, don't you?

Some sewing of couch cushion covers - the easiest way I know to change up a living room. I made a big cover from the blue fabric that shows the bird print to advantage, but alas, the photo also showed that I hadn't pressed the fabric very well. Tsk, tsk.

And it's our son's birthday today - one with a zero on the end! I look at this photo and cannot believe how the years have flown by. Such a cliché, but nonetheless true. Now he's the father of our Little Miss A. Oh dear. I have to stop here before I get maudlin and teary. Too late. Happiest of Happy Birthdays, Travis with much, much love.


  1. Mothers are allowed at least a moment of emotion on each child's birthday - even two moments!
    Yes, I believe summer has flown. My roses are having a second big bloom, and drooping from the rain. I am looking forward to being allowed to light a fire soon as the nights close in earlier each evening.

  2. Happy birthday to your son! Time does fly by!

    Your pillows look wonderful - it is a quick way to change things up!

    We are having a cool day, which is delightful. Turned the a/c to off and opened the windows! I could live like this year round!


  3. Love those pillows!

    Oh yes those rainy day fragrances... it makes one feel cleansed and reborn.

    What a sweet photo of your son, I almost feel those tears choking up, there is something so very precious of watching someone sleep, and especially when it's someone near and dear.

    Now he's a dad and doing the same thing, I bet, with his little one. Happy Birthday to him.

  4. After that wild weather I have to agree that summer is making her dsappearing act!
    Where does the time go? I look at my son as a father and marvel at what a fabulous job he is doing and I feel very proud.
    Happy Birthday to your son.

  5. How lovely is a breeze scented with rain...I'm sure that it was refreshing for all of you. Hope that Travis enjoyed a very happy birthday. He sure was a cute little boy. Having him return to those days would mean saying goodbye to three people: the man he has become, his sweet little girl, and his lovely wife. Nope. Not worth the trade. Course they could slow down a bit...

  6. Adoring that cushion, I do love turquoise...

    We had a thunderstorm this morning that left dirt marks 3 feet up the side of the house...that's how hard it rained. I am not a thunderstormer...

    Summer is still hanging on here, going to be around 27 in the next few days.


  7. Happy birthday to Travis, they all grow up so quickly! A fellow Virgo, can't go wrong there! We are waiting for some promised rain and a chill in the air tomorrow. Can't wait! xx

  8. Anonymous3:10 PM

    The weather is certainly changing to Fall weather, much cooler overnight and morning but lovely in the afternoons. I have the same blue material as on your cushion, but mine is made into a camera bag.

  9. It has been so hot in our part of Alberta! Suppose to cool down a little bit though. Yes, summer may be winding down, the leaves are starting to change even! Lovely pillows by the way! Take care.

  10. It really felt like fall today and last night it went down to 5C. Your new cushions are lovely. The grey/blue is pretty and I like the prints on them. What a precious photo of your son. It's hard to imagine our kids grown with their own kids by times. Where do the years go? Enjoy the weekend.

  11. Love the cushion covers! Happy birthday to your Travis! Yes, the grow up much too fast!!! My son is 31...... where does the time go? ... and ... about summer.... I wish it would live here immediately! ha!

  12. Oh, I can get teary at the drop of a hat...and marking the passage of time since a dear one's birth can tug right at the heartstrings. Happy Birthday to Travis!

    For some reason, the changes of season have sneaked up on me lately. Maybe because I have been appreciating the season I'm in, until all of a sudden the next one is here! Little glimpses of autumn are everywhere...

  13. This is the sweetest post, Lorrie; I love the dear picture of your son as a little boy! Our son turned 23 last month; I still can't believe it.

    I LOVE your photo of the pink Cosmos; they're some of my favorite flowers! You did a great job with the cushion covers, Lorrie; I'll be glad when my sewing skills are good enough to make some at our house (just recently learned to sew). :)

    Hugs to you,

    Denise at Forest Manor

  14. I'm your newest follower, Lorrie. :-D Have a wonderful weekend!

    Denise at Forest Manor

  15. You almost have me teary .. knowing where you are at. I love Grover in his arms.
    We had a favorite Teddy here. He is still here.


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