Friday, February 14, 2014

Celebrating Love

Love is more than romance. For me, Valentine's Day is a lovely way to celebrate not only the romantic aspects of love, but friendship and familial love as well. Sugar cookies are made. (but the photo above is from last year) We'll have a cozy dinner tonight at home, just the two of us.

He might bring home flowers, or not. But he'll be here and that's more important. I bought tulips earlier in the week and they are beginning to fade and wilt. 

Yesterday I made a little dinosaur toy for Mister F. Just 3 days old now, it will be awhile before he can hang onto this. He's keeping his mother awake at nights and seems to sleep only when being held. Tiring days for a new family. 

In the summertime Little Misses A and S know that there are always home made popsicles in Nana's freezer. So I created these bags of felt popsicles for play. I'll take the gifts around to their homes later today.

How are you marking this day of celebrating love?


  1. Those sugar cookies are so cool, Lorrie! How did you make the polka dot icing? I'm a big fan of polka dots and pink, as well. :) I love the precious gifts you made for your grandchildren -- so much better than anything you could buy in the stores. Your tulips are still lovely; I bought tulips earlier this week too. They're so pretty inside the house this time of the year.

    Happy Valentine's Day, Lorrie!

    Denise at Forest Manor

  2. You've been busy. I baked cupcakes for Valentine's Day but, as you know, ended up icing them in blue for little Mister F when he arrived. No time for a repeat, so that's that. Tonight Oma and Opa are watching Miss S while G and I go out for a late dinner. The best part of that is that I don't have to cook tonight.

  3. Lorrie, those cookies look fabulous! Happy Valentine's Day, Lorrie.

  4. Love your handmade gifts for your grands, very cute. I bought tulips this week, too, to enjoy. Took the pressure off of Dear. We are going to enjoy barbecued steaks, baked potatoes and salad at home in the quiet and maybe watch some Midsomer Murder episodes.

  5. What sweet little gifts for the girls! Our valentine's day will be small and quiet too. My sweetie was out earlier and came home with the DVD of season four of Downton Abbey - better than chocolate!

  6. Anonymous5:05 PM

    Beautiful creations you've made the little ones. How creative.
    We picked up Chinese food to bring home tonight. We treated ourselves to a couple of donuts from the bakery too!
    Have a blessed Sunday.

  7. Cute ice pops ! And cute, cute dinasaur. Our valentines sounded like yours and I bought tulips for us earlier in the week. This year I keep trimming them on the bottom as they do grow in water, It has kept them from being so scraggly looking. I am really enjoying them.

  8. Love your handiwork. The popsicle are so cute and the little dragon too.
    Always must have heart shaped sugar cookies for Valentine's, but I made
    mine a bit early and they are gone. Have a wonderful dinner.
    We had sushi and ice cream.

  9. Cookies, flowers, and handmade toys! Yep, I think you have just the right idea about Valentine's Day!

  10. Sweet looking Valentine cookies. Jennifer made chocolate cupcakes yesterday with red frosting. We enjoyed a day at home with the grandkids….no big dates or dinner out, but it was wonderful to spend the time with them. The little dinosaur and the popsicles are adorable. The little misses will enjoy the popsicles. You are so creative!

  11. Oh such exquisite biscuits and very clever to make those white spots - perfect!
    Far too much going on for you to be fiddling in the kitchen this time Lorrie - more important fish to fry!
    I love the bright little dinosaur I can see it will be a firm favourite for Felix in the future.
    The little misses will be 'over the moon' with their little bags of popsicles - clever you!

  12. Darling dinosaur for your new baby grand. And I like the leftovers from last year, too. Praying for the new little one to settle in and rest well so his mama and daddy can get some rest, too. Hope that the Little Miss is able to sleep through it.

  13. Just been to your other two links so saw your 'love' post there. Of course had a read of other posts on the site too. Also had a look at your food blog! The felt lollipops look fun.

  14. Wow...! Full of joy, happiness and love!! I am smiling with your lovely images!

  15. Oh the dinosaur is darling - and love the popsicles. Our two local grandsons got cash this year in really cute cards (the boys are 9 and 12) and they both have a really big project they are saving up for, and cash was well appreciated - of course they got some little candies and a small toy too.

  16. The felt popsicles are so cute, I'm pretty sure the kids will love them as well as the dinosaur as a matter of fact they can be a great birthday party favors.

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