Friday, May 20, 2011


New countertops, new sink, and now, new backsplash. Here's my talented husband in action. This weekend he hopes to begin the grouting. 

I thought about cropping out the dishes in the sink, but hey, I decided to keep it real. My kitchen is not always spotless, especially when I'm cooking in one corner and tile is being laid in another.

I'm really liking the tile we chose in spite of the fact that the bigger tiles are not as white as I'd anticipated. I'm glad I've waited to choose the color of the cabinets until I can coordinate it with the tile. The cabinets are going to be a shade of white as well. 

When you renovate, do you make all the choices at once or as they come? I always thought designers came up with the total concept, down to the last paint chip, all at once. However, watching design shows more closely has me thinking that they don't. How something looks en masse is very different from one painted cabinet door or one ceramic tile. 


  1. A white kitchen? You're a cook, aren't you?

    You're obviously also a scrubber clean of surfaces.
    That sink looks spotless, even the dish in the sink is clean!

    My kitchen is a riot of colour.

  2. I'd say that design definitely has to grow with the project, I'd be very nervous about having everything decided from the word go!
    Didn't know your French was so good!!
    je te souhaite un très bon weekend

  3. Your tiles are lovely, a very pretty silvery white rather than a hard white.
    It is easy to choose ahead, but often you get two things together and realise that they just dont go. I think things need to evolve.

  4. How right you are Lorrie. Have made mistakes in the past through impatience.
    Looks like your place is coming on so well. I am blessed with a clever husband too when it comes to working on the house although does not do what he used to do now.


  5. Oh nice new backsplash so pretty and making for such easy clean-up.

    This color lesson is a good one for me right now. Perhaps I don't have to stew about door colors just yet even though that schoolbus yellow is going to be a pain. ☺ I did make that one to blame except myself.

  6. Thanks for keeping it real, Lorrie!

  7. Very pretty, dishes and all!

  8. Good Morning Lorrie!

    I really do like those larger tiles and I think you will too when the plan all comes together.

    As for my decorating experiences, I've found that if I will the HOUSE tell me what to do, then we are both happy. I can't tell you all the plans--down to the very last detail--that I've had on paper but as I went along, they just didn't work with the house.

    REmodeling a home that has several other people's "design" already stamped on it seems to be more difficult than a new home build. I hate "messing" with history.

    Enjoy your weekend. I can't wait to see the finished kitchen backsplash!

  9. I think it's looking great!! I'm sure you're so happy to have this new space!

  10. I generally start out with a 'big picture' and then change/refine as I go along. I think that you'd miss out on some interesting objets/opportunities if you were tied to an unchangeable plan.

  11. Hi Lorrie...looking forward to seeing your finished kitchen. We have to grout our tiles as well and put up one more piece of molding...grad was a huge success,,,will be posting pics soon :)

  12. Lorrie - i agree with you...a amall chip or tile does not necessarily mean that you will end up with the vision you have. When we were building our home those little chips scared me and looking back I'd choose differently but the best decisions I made were with the help of others. I told my husband to pick the fireplace tiles and they are perfect - still today. I looked at the kitchen floor sample my mother in law noticed and it was the best decision I could have made then. I'm sure your kitchen will be lovely once everything is done.

  13. Oh I love the smaller glass tiles. What a gorgeous touch.

    I work both ways. While the initial plan generally includes a selection of all the elements in a room most people need to add things one by one. So, sometimes another choice must be made later down the road.


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