Thursday, May 19, 2011

Eggs of Many Colors

Recently Tim put up a notice on Craigslist for free cabinets and glass shelves - things that we no longer needed and were taking up space in the garage. The woman who came for the shelves asked if I would like a dozen eggs.

She handed me a carton and drove off. What a delight to open the carton and discover this Rainbow Package of eggs, complete with a map! The eggs come from:

* Bronze Breasted Turkey
* Danish Brown Leghorn Chicken
*Ameraucana Chicken
* Barred Plymouth Rock and Rhode Island Red
* Australorpe Chickens
* Silver-Laced Wyandotte Chicken
* Bantam Silkie Chicken

They range in size from small and dainty to robustly round - that would be the brown speckled turkey egg in the foreground.

Chicken keeping seems to be all the rage. I know I've thought about it. I'm just not quite ready to make the commitment yet. But how fun it would be to gather such pretty eggs.

There are some amazing backyard chicken coops out there. Heather Bullard has one. Andrea has another. These are chicken coop palaces! 

edited to add: I don't often post about giveaways here, but there's one at Carol's site, Raised in Cotton, that I think you'll want to investigate. A gorgeous linen tablecloth, perfect for summer, from Cabbage and Roses. 


  1. One of my friends growing up had 2 chickens in her backyard. It was cool to go out and get the eggs. To me it didn't seem like a lot of work :P

  2. What a wonderful trade! Those are some of the most beautiful eggs I've ever seen. Are you going to blow them out to save the shells?

  3. Those are the nicest chicken coops I've ever seen! I love the idea of having chickens clucking in the back yard but the reality of cleaning the hen house just doesn't appeal to me.
    Any plans for the beautiful eggs?

  4. Those palaces make me laugh! On a more realistic level, I don't know if you know the blog Comin' Home -
    Donna has just posted about cleaning out her chicken barn:

    Your rainbow eggs are just fantastic. My local 'amateur' chicken keeping friend gave us half a dozen eggs yesterday (fresh eggy bread, yum). Our professional chicken-keeping neighbours also sell us the occasional chicken - but they are expensive because they are so well-bred!

  5. What gorgeous eggs, I can just imagine your delight when you opened the carton.

  6. What a sweet surprise . . . I wonder what a turkey egg tastes like.

  7. I wish my neighbors would keep chickens and I could just gather their eggs! ha! Those are beautiful!!!!!!!!!

  8. What beautiful eggs! I like Vee's idea of blowing them out and saving the shells.

  9. What a fun carton of eggs...complete with index! My brother-in-law raises heritage ens of all kinds...and has the lovely eggs as well. Let is know if you saved the shells!

  10. How pretty!
    Right now, in my fridge I have a carton of 10 blue eggs and 2 duck eggs. The duck eggs are a challenge to find, as the ladies like to hide them.

  11. Anonymous6:02 AM

    Such pretty colours - glad I found you too, it's lovely here and you are on the Island as well!

  12. What fun to be able to try all the different ones like that.


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