Wednesday, May 18, 2011

From Sea to Sky and Back Again

They say a change is as good as a rest. So I packed up my books and papers, along with my swimming suit, and accompanied my husband to a conference in Whistler. He attended the conference, I studied, swam and walked. 

The first two days poured rain. I love swimming and since the outdoor pool is heated, the cold drizzle on my head was juxtaposed with being immersed in warm water. 

Tuesday morning we awoke to no rain and faint patches of blue sky. On the banks of a creek these four very large chairs await sunnier days of contemplation.

My walk took me across the creek via this covered bridge. 

Although most of the snow is gone from town, there's still plenty of it up in the mountains. These snowboarders are off to catch the gondola lift.

Spring is coming to Whistler. Daffodils were in bloom and a few brave tulips. Whistler is the site of the 2010 Winter Olympics. Last year there was a dearth of snow in the hills around Vancouver. This year, there's an abundance. 

Whistler Village sits at 2214 feet (675 metres) above sea level. The difference in spring's arrival was remarkable. Few trees had green leaves. Descending to sea level was like going to another climate entirely. 

So, home again, and back to studying, without swimming breaks this time.


  1. It must've seemed good to get away and experience a change. Funny about altitude and weather and one year compared to the next. (That's why I was a little concerned to learn that our mountain of any size was experiencing the very same weather conditions and temps as we are down in the valley. I knew it was cold!)

    I've never had the experience of swimming in a heated pool. It sounds heavenly and, on a cool day, a good way to keep a cool head.

  2. You are truly blessed to be able to enjoy so many wonderful things in life. I am happy that you had a great time and got some rest!

    Have a great week!

  3. Glad you had a nice time. Great pictures. I remember that they had to haul in snow for the games last year....some because there wasn't much and, also, that the temps were warmer than usual and the snow was melting. Oh, goes the weather!:-)

  4. Isn't Whistler so beautiful! I haven't been there in years.
    What a nice break for you.

  5. It sound like this could have been a wonderful respite. I'm not much of a swimmer but the contrast of temperatures sounds good.

  6. I had a similar good time in September - The Great Dane worked and I played. Isn't it a wonderful place to play?

  7. I have never been to Whistler..but if I get there I am looking for that wonderful covered bridge and if it is in summer I will definately have me a sit down on those great chairs! Great pictures Lorrie! and I am glad that you had a rest and a change of pace to studying.

  8. What wonderful photos! You live in one of the prettiest areas of Canada, Lorrie I hope to see BC one day.

  9. Sounds fun to me - having fun while hubby works!


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